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Highest High

Highest High

  • By Adam Bostock
  • Release 7/4/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

David Oliver and Adam Bostock ( The Highest High ) have recorded a hot new single for the world cup called ' The Highest high'. The catchy Aztec Camera meets The Bluebells meets Primal Scream meets Damien Rice esq track is bouncy, sing-a-long and melodic. Let's hope it helps take England to the highest high. THE HISTORY David Oliver moved to Bristol from Folkestone in 1987 at the age of 21 after having graduated in Graphic Design (OND) at Canterbury College of Art and Design. Whilst at the college he played - amongst others - drums for Sorayah's Blues Boys in Canterbury and Jeremy Mount's Cumulous in Folkestone. A chance meeting with mutual friends of Damian Dingley and Jim Cemlyn-Jones of Nautical William sparked an intense recording spree in Bristol over the winter of 1986. The following summer after positive feedback on the sessions David departed his other musical endeavours and moved to Bristol.The band was formed around the original trio and Pete Tapner was drafted in on Bass. Corin Dingley became heavily involved on percussion and the full lineup was established with guest musicians. Two single releases 'Love' and 'Love House' on the Mojo Filter label received critical aclaim and radio one airplay from John Peel, Mike Reid and Mark Goodyear with respective production credits from John Parish (PJ Harvey), Jessica Corcoran (Voice of the Beehive) and a follow up 'Rollercoaster/Come together' with George Shilling (Soup Dragons/Airhead/Yazz...) at the controls with Ian McLaren replacing Pete on bass. The band hooked up with Airhead for a number of live dates...All the while David played drums and percussion with Nautical William between 1987 and 1992 he worked on production ideas and flirted with songwriting. On leaving the band to concentrate on production with Corin Dingley (Alpha, the Heavy and Don't Touch Recordings) he put aside his drumsticks until recently. After a year of musical collaborations including the intricate and powerful guitar work of Paul Bradley from The Organelles and Ian McLaren on bass, David changed direction and left the scene to concentrate on a career in graphic design.It wasn't long before the lure of music beckoned and he took up acoustic guitar in the later 90's and began writing songs seriously. After hooking up once again with Pete Tapner on bass, a whole new batch of songs began to take shape. An initial push into the music publishing world and a period of collaborations with Andrea Kenny ('Two Day Rule') on vocals and Jason Allen ensued. During that productive period the songs 'Still got you on my mind', 'Until you're mine' and 'Guess I'm Mr Blue' came into existence. A chance call in the spring of 2006 to the Dockside recording studio in Bristol in an attempt to find a voice for 'The Highest High' resulted in a meeting Adam Bostock of SAS. There are currently plans to rework 'Still got you on my mind' and others with Adam on vocals...


Artist: Adam Bostock
Title: Highest High
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/4/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479311567