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La la Lost

La la Lost

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La La Lost. Happily ever sad. So lives Arrica Rose and her band The ...'s (The Dot Dot Dots). This Los Angeles based quartet brings you their 2nd full-length release...and if album titles are illuminating, well then the band has made their most honest album to date. Frank Sinatra's New York, New York 45 was the first record Arrica Rose ever owned, or rather stole from her parents - she was 4. As a child she read a lot, mostly mysteries and stories about dead people who lived tragic lives. She liked to write and kept several journals most of which remain half-empty. Occasionally she still draws upon these journals for lyrical inspiration. Arrica got her first guitar, a Gibson Sonex 180, for her 15th birthday and learned the instrument by playing in the band UXBY, an all girl trio that never recorded a single note but opened for the likes of Commander Venus (Conor O'berst of Bright Eyes), Hoobastank and Jimmy Eat World at small local L.A. venues. After high school, Arrica Rose took a bit of a hiatus from music and went to USC film school because she loved photography and studying music didn't cross her mind at the time...although recording it on her bedroom floor did: hence the release of her first EP (self-titled, self-produced and self-packaged) and The Tone Bank EP (recorded in her walk-in-closet and commercially packaged). The reviewers were kind saying Arrica's music was "medicine for the soul" (Underground Beat) and that "she possesses the peculiar and particular something that great artists possess." (Guitar Noise). At this point Arrica was taking less film-production courses and more sound design classes (where she learned the art of engineering). Eventually she decided to trade in her dreams of directing a film and instead found her way into the studio where she produced and engineered her first full-band EP, Auto-pilot. Arrica Rose has been garnering a wealth of glowing reviews since the release of Auto-pilot. It was this recording that solidified the presence of her band The Dot Dot Dots and led her to co-producer Larry Crane (Elliott Smith, The Decemberists, Sleater-Kinney). Once again the reviewers were receptive claiming that People Like Us is a "12-song effort with poetry disguised as lyrics" (Daily Sun) and that the band ought to be "launched into stardom, something for which [they] seem destined" (Performer). For her Follow-up EP Arrica Rose commissioned bass player Jason A. Mezilis to co-produce Last Night on Earth which quickly created it's own buzz, including charting on college/indie radio across the country. Aside from her own band project Arrica Rose is also involved in a few other musical endeavors, one being a collaboration with singer/songwriter Charlotte Martin and another being 'Henri and June' a side project with singer/songwriter Martha Berner. Arrica is also the co-founder of I HEART: the indie-rock outreach a non-profit organization that raises money for local charities via artistic endeavors. On April 14th, Rose's highly anticipated 2nd full length record La-La Lost, produced by Dan Garcia w/Arrica Rose (David Crosby, Rod Stewart, Christina Aguilera), will be released exclusively on iTunes. La La Lost is Arrica's most personal album to date. The songs began as demos recorded at home and when it came to recording the album the intended goal was to maintain the intimacy of the demo within the production of each song. Citing influences ranging as far and wide as Tom Waits, Billie Holiday, David Bowie and Bob Dylan, this brand new release is a collection of songs and experiences that weaves together moments almost lost but not forgotten. With one foot planted in singer/songwriter land, another in indie folk-rock and maybe an intermittent hand in pop, Arrica Rose & The ...'s music makes sense for those of us who don't.


Artist: Arrica Rose & The ...'s
Title: La la Lost
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 4/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479864872