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Threat of Gravity

Threat of Gravity

  • By Aftertaste
  • Release 9/4/2001
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

'As a rule we never anticipate or expect success,' says Aftertaste frontman, K.C. Eggo. 'We really just make music to cure our own boredom and the fact that other people enjoy it as much as we do is a sweet surprise.' Aftertaste, who began splitting atoms in the summer of 1996, got their start like all of the sweetest affairs: drummer Erick Banks (25), guitarist Mike Petersen (25), and bass playing lead vocalist K.C. Eggo (25) started their foray into music as best friends. The explosive threesome were originally college roommates who decided to kill both time and boredom by buying instruments and teaching themselves how to play. So intent on making music their cure-all, the trio wrote their first two songs the first day they played together. Aftertaste's dynamic chemistry and shared unique sense of humor has allowed them to quickly develop their happy 'poprocks-in-your-gastank' brand of music, by mixing equal parts of pop/punk and indie rock. 'Our sound is just what naturally falls out of us - it's a combination of what we all bring to the table emotionally,' says Eggo. 'Our music isn't suppose to be taken seriously, it's supposed to be a fun release, and we make sure we keep it that way.' With a contagious sound that is continually being refined, Aftertaste has played a wide variety of shows throughout the Pacific Northwest, including two Free Tibet festivals at the University of Montana, as well as a supporting stint for the band's favorite indie stalwarts, Alkaline Trio. In August of 2001, Aftertaste's first, highly anticipated, full-length album, 'The Threat of Gravity,' was released to the masses. Encompassing 16 of their very best, the album was met with resounding success among fans. By the end of 2001, the band's online success continued as their song 'Geek Out' beat out thousands of others to finish a close second place in an international competition, earning the band praise from industry professionals and new fans alike. With renewed vigor, Aftertaste is looking at 2002 as the year to 'be seen, be heard' - with plans for heavy self promotion, the formation of an official Aftertaste street team, as well as local and regional touring. Although the intense and energetic combination of Banks' over-caffeinated octopus attack, Petersen's sonic equivalent of a devilish grin, and Eggo's subtly addictive blend of sarcasm and honesty has resulted in tunes with more hooks than a coat rack, Aftertaste knows they'd be nowhere without their rabid throng of fans. 'Our fans are the greatest. I have never met so many people with a common love for our punkoppity rock,' says Banks. Affectionately known as Tastebuds, their loyal and enthusiastic numbers have grown exponentially as Aftertaste continues to focus on it's one and only goal: taking over the world, two ears at a time. 'Their blend of college rock and indie music has taken them to new heights...bringing out great crowds wherever they play. Be sure to catch [a] show - the band is worth it.' - Statesman Journal.


Artist: Aftertaste
Title: Threat of Gravity
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/4/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707417226