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Heaven Guide Me

Heaven Guide Me

  • By Ahria
  • Release 9/7/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Twelve songs with uplifting, inspiration lyrics that are spiritually based without specific religious orientation. The melodies and lyrics are brilliantly written from a place of deep authenticity. Ahria's voice wraps you in a warm, smooth blanket of sound and later lifts you on currents of sweet and clear tones. Her songs are guaranteed to touch places in you that you may not have known were reachable. Ahria is a precious being who shares her inner world with us through her music. If you met her, you would find her sweet, attentive, caring and beautiful from the inside out. Ahria's music is true expression. She is not about teaching or preaching. In her own words, 'I have nothing new to teach anyone; it's all been said throughout the ages in a million ways. What I do have is a yearning to express what's bubbling up from my soul, in all of it's beauty and pain. My songs are how I talk to God, or to myself, or to someone else... it's all the same. My music does carry a message, but it's not one of my choosing. It's one of the listener's interpretation. It's not my job to teach anything. It's my job to express myself as authentically as possible. It is my hope that by doing so, I am used as a channel for Spirit to touch the lives of others on this journey with me. When I offer a song, it's my way of extending my hand and saying 'here, come walk with me a while.' When you listen, you take my hand and we walk together in spirit.' What Listeners Have to Say: 'A heartful and gentle caress from the breath of feminine wisdom.' - Jeff Kahn, Encinitas, CA 'Hearing Ahria sing is like hearing the voice of an angel - her music is so healing and comforting and uplifting. It never fails to brighten my day and bring me to a place of peace.' - Serena Goldsmith, La Costa, CA 'Ahria's music is a pure channel of something so much larger than just her. She is freely giving with no attachment or ego. Her music touches souls deeper than one can put words to. A true healing, inspiring experience.' - Rev. Tammy Miller, Carlsbad, CA 'Healing, relaxing and uplifting. A style I never grow tired of. I can listen all day and still want to hear more.' - Dennis Mills, Cardiff, CA 'Ahria is the pure embodiment of God. If you ever wanted to hear God sing to you, buy this CD! This music will heal your spirit and uplift you to a place of pure joy and peace.' - Amanda K, Cardiff, CA 'As I listened to Heaven Guide Me, it became an invocation into my greater being and the healer of the foundation that lies beneath it. Layers of peeling, releasing and opening... Beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring music throughout the whole CD.' - Morea Garcia, Encinitas, CA 'Ahria's voice is beautiful and distinctive, with an original sound. Truly beautiful music.' - Paul Lloyd Warner, Encinitas, CA An Important Message from Ahria: If you provide your email address to me, I promise you will NEVER get spammed by me. I ONLY send out information about my own upcoming events and happenings. I do not and will never send give/sell/trade my email list to anyone. I will never, ever, ever forward any ads for anyone else's stuff. You simply get 100% pure Ahria. I promise! So please, let me know who you are so I can thank you and keep you posted on what's happening in Ahria-land!


Artist: Ahria
Title: Heaven Guide Me
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/7/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 625989432125