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World in Love

World in Love

  • By Alan Peterson
  • Release 2/6/2001
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Singer/Songwriter Alan Peterson's First solo CD, 'World In Love', is a New Thought Music treasure featuring many of the talented musicians that appeared on stage with him at the Living Enrichment Center in Oregon including contributions from Sharon McCann (vocals), Randy Byrnes (B3 organ), Don Wood (guitar), Tracy Stewart (vocals), Alexe Bellingham (vocals), Ron Horton (sax) Mark Olmstead (vocal & harmonica), and Renato Caranto (sax), to name a few. Alan has gone on to perform in venues all over the Pacific Northwest, including serving as music Director at both Whole Life Church and Unity of Beaverton in the Portland Oregon area. With Classic songs such as 'How Sweet The River' and 'When This Old World Starts Lovin' Again', Alan brings his brand of inspiration, rhythm and positive lyrics to New Thought audiences everywhere. Faith like that comes from a heart so full it spills out into song. Most people have a dream. Some people live their dream. Only a few can inspire the rest of us. Alan's song 'When This Old World Starts Lovin' Again' was chosen by the Association of Unity Churches to be included on their 'Love Notes' compilation CD- Program 26. 'Your songs are gifts from God; I'm certain your music has touched and helped heal many, many troubled souls and uplifted countless others. It certainly has helped me, and that is an understatement! I had tears in my eyes and such love in my heart while listening to 'Do You Feel the Love?' What a beautiful voice you have, what a gifted musician and musical arranger...Thank you with all my heart. You lift me up...' Love, Louise 'I see great success for Alan and I know that many are greatly inspired by his music and example.' Beverly McPherron Unity minister 'Alan's music comes straight from his heart, connects to the listener's heart, and creates a space of peace and healing. His songs are the kind you can listen to over and over again and never tire of the melodies or lyrics. They touch one at deep levels. Other songs are just plain fun! They are great to listen to in the car, on the treadmill, or at work.' Reverend Robin Haruna Unity of Bandon 'Alan Peterson has gifted us here at Unity of Corvallis on several occasions. He is a joy to work with and a genuine talent that connects at a heart level with our congregation. His songs and music are original, inspiring and meaningful as well as great to listen to as an uplifting antidote to a dreary week.' Rev. John Butler Unity of Corvallis 'Alan provides heartfelt music that gently supports our services. His original music touches the soul. Rev. Sally Rutis Senior Associate Minister, Living Enrichment Center 'Alan Peterson is wonderful!......He presents joyful, inspiring music that offers his spirit inside every song. Alan's gift of music is a blessing to the world.' Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey Senior Minister, Living Enrichment Center 'What I enjoy about Alan's music is the positive message about the presence of love and spirit in our everyday world. It touches on the challenges of being 'at the crossroads of life' and the freedom of feeling 'at times I am so beautiful'. The depth of Alan's lyrics allow for listening to the CD time and time again. And often the 'aha' comes from listening to a song that I have heard before, but not thought about in a particular way until that very moment. I highly recommend his music AND his message.' Brenda E 'Alan Peterson has a gift. It's a very good gift indeed. His music is from the heart and soul and creates a peacefulness and happiness inside you that should not be missed.' Ron Horton - Professional Musician 'Alan was tremendous!!! and we look forward to having him back.' Rich B. Unity minister 'Alan's music makes my heart sing......When I listen to the lively beat and the God-sent words I remember who I am.' Shirley Bennett minister 'Alan is a talented, compassionate singer/songwriter with a heart for the world matched only by his desire to be of contribution to others through music. Mark Olmstead Singer/Songwriter 'Alan Peterson rocks his audience with catchy melodic phrases and upbeat inspiration.... his steadfast performing energy and competent yet unassuming charm lend him a fine stage presence.... for alan and his music, it is indeed 'a wonderful life'.' Liz D. 'Alan Peterson's original compositions are full of positivity, sincerity and intelligence with sounds and grooves that capture an American sensibility. He is not afraid to 'speak his truth' even if it means challenging traditional thought or stepping into the realm of spirituality. He is able to touch a place deep inside of you in a way that makes you want to hear his songs again and again.' Gil Reynolds Singer/Songwriter 'Not only is Alan's music inspiring, his dedication to his music and his message shines through every performance.' John W 'Normally being a 'look on the bright side'' kinda guy I was bogged down with the daily grind, rat race and minor setbacks which effect us all .A friend had sent me Alan's CD and while I listened to other music in my collection the word Love kept staring me in the face. As World in Love played, I realized there was a bright side to this day and to our lives and it all went away... thanks Alan.... nice music.. nice words .. love' Chris P. 'I find Alan's music to be uplifting, fun and easy to listen to. The heart and soul energy he brings to the music comes through and touches my heart and soul...and the sweet smoothness of his voice adds depth to all of his songs.' Melissa S. groupie.. '....I have had the pleasure of experiencing Alan's talent and I have listened to his CD and I have to be honest and go on record and say that this man shares with the world, a divine channel to a higher power. Not only is he handsome and charming, but the voice is as sweet and sexy as the man who contains it....' Cate L. 'I love Alan's music. It always brings a smile to my face and makes me want to get up and dance!' Jennifer O. Portland, OR.


Artist: Alan Peterson
Title: World in Love
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 2/6/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479508820