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Say It Sister

Say It Sister

  • By Alicia Bridges
  • Release 8/21/2012
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The, "we'll give you all we've got", song writing, composing and production talents of Alicia Bridges and Susan Hutcheson---Combined with the MasterMind Digital Mixing Wizardry of Mary C. LeTellier---"Cherry Topped", by the androgynous, "kiss kiss..hit..kick"---"over the top" singing delivery and ability of Alicia Bridges and "all her attitude", brings forth the extremely intense listening experience of (Lord Have Mercy) the long awaited, eleven song CD compilation entitled, "Say It Sister"!!! Here is Rock-Rock Music, Hot To Trot Blues and Oh So Soul Music. So, Shake Ya Thang...Cry Ya Blues...Do the Hoochie Coochie Coo...!!! "Say It Sister, is packed with stellar performances from: The Tower of Power Horns, who yield perfect punches so purely that they slam dunk, "on the mark", on "Play It As It Lays", and "I Learned To Dance Too Soon". The Tower of Power Horns are well known for creating excitement in musical sounds. When their talents are combined with all of the other seasoned musicians who are, "cranking out the great stuff " on these two pumping tracks, the mix of all musicians creates a feel good ...happy ride...that makes it difficult, if not impossible to resist moving and rocking along. "The Land of 1000 Dances," springs to mind. On, "Say It Sister," you will be treated to Sweet Screaming Sax Solos from Jay Scott, who quickly became internationally known for his riveting riffs and solos on, "I Love The Nightlife". Jay's sax brilliance has been enhanced on the new digitally remixed and remastered, "I Love The Nightlife" tracks. The mystique of Jay's sweet bluesy tones have also been highlighted in the remixes and remastering of "California Sunset", on "Say It Sister. Rhodes-Chalmers & Rhodes, so often heard singing their harmonies and their, "come squeeze me", sounds behind countless artists, to include Al Green, now bring their enticing vocals to "So Cozy". Their delicious, "oohs" and "aahhs" portend that someone is "going to get lucky tonight". Alicia's vocal insists that, "It's alright to be cozy together", and Rhodes-Chalmers & Rhodes, like honey from the comb, reinforce this urging plea singing, "let's be cozy for ever", with a lushness that simply demands sweet action. In ..out..around and through the dynamics of the entire track, Ken Bell weaves a spectacular thread of perfection on guitar. Special emphasis focused on Ken Bell's guitar track ensures that the tone and flavor of every nuance he plays may be easily savored for the listeners pure pleasure. Ken Bells' list of credits and performances is enormous, but if you have been a listener of Millie Jackson, Al Green or Clarence Carter....then you have probably heard the easy, sexy style and the creative artistry of Ken Bell. Yes, that was Ken Bell gliding effortlessly through the tracks of "I Love The Nightlife". Rock Rock Rocking Along: "Diamond In The Rough", "What Would You Do If Your Heart Stopped Beating Tonight", and "The Broken Woman" may be (for want of a more accurate term) rightly referred to as 'Rock Rock Music'. None of the descriptive adjectives which often precede "Rock"...as in Acid Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Southern Rock, Country Rock, Punk Rock, Glam Rock or Pop Rock, for example....would actually apply. The three songs are not similar to the "rock" types included on Alicia's previously released, "This Girl Don't Care", so 80s Rock is probably not the correct descriptive term either. "Diamond In The Rough" deals with angst based in realization that one is "different from the rest", stating, "You've heard the way people talk about me. Do you like the things they say?"......and......"It's a joke I've learned to live with, being different from the from the crowd." The message is told between the lines. "Changing" in order to "fit in", would be impossible. This would be similar to realizing that one is gay or lesbian and rather than struggling through dishonesty to attain impossible 'change'....the person is determined to be what they truly are....rather than attempting to "be like them", or like the "so called normal others". This speaks to knowing that it is better to live the honest agony of being the social outcast scorned by others than to plunge downward into into a life of complete self denial of ones true inner core....and thus, being the murderer of ones own soul. "What Would You Do If Your Heart Stopped Beating Tonight", in a different theme entirely, sings and speaks to the lover who is so cold that, "Would you feel it if your heart stopped beating?" Obviously there is a craving and a desire for "something more"....and "I cry for those who long for something more", as in....more than this cold, loveless, ice cracking all around (non) relationship of loneliness. "The Broken Woman", is a blues-rock song but is far away from being a basic "12 bar blues". The cord structure rides the bluesy highway with an authentic "roots in the blues" sway. The song story tells of a woman who is "drunk and half crazy every night, when she leaves the bar". All she wants--- pills, booze and money. In her delusion she "sips gin and tonic and she thinks she's a star". However, the song is neither sung from an attitude of disgust nor anger. Rather, the story is told from the standpoint of objective observation. As in, oh what a cryin' shame. Extremely powerful electric guitar solos are present on each of the three tracks, which are loaded with presence and tone. Hammond B-3 accompaniment on "The Broken Woman" is brilliant, and is only surpassed by the rousing----raunchy Hammond B-3 solo. There can be no doubt that we have landed in "Blues-Ville", and Alicia's vocal seals the deal with classic wails and moans. These three musical pieces evoke the late 60s and early 70s both in emotional projection, as well as through their instrumentational sounds. Phantasmagoria anyone?


Artist: Alicia Bridges
Title: Say It Sister
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/21/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479613678


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