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Poet's Heart

Poet's Heart

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Product Notes

Inspiration for the ideas within the piano pieces in this collection arrived at my Grandmothers home in the countryside near Esko, Minnesota. During adventures in Minnesota, Arizona, Alaska and Idaho with my childhood best friend (an English Setter) Razz. In the forest and along the water at Priest Lake. In autumn on the outskirts of Tower, Minnesota with the raspy calling of tree perched crows. At the ruins of Dunnottar in mid-September amid echos from long ago. Walking through heather covered dunes at Findhorn toward the sound of the north sea. Walking home in the rain from Kells, Cafe Paradiso or the Baltic Room in Seattle after closing with my black notebook. Sledding under the stars in winter on a hillside in eastern Washington. Just past the raspberries and wise old tree on the north edge of Loch Ness near where the crooked reds grow among rocky outcroppings. On a bridge in Duluth during a warm night in June. Flying somewhere beyond Greenland and gazing at those giant ice cubes floating out there in the sea. Feeding rather large sea-gulls on a ferryboat crossing the Channel for Dover. Fishing with old friends at Jewel Lake, Anderson Lake and Blanchard Lake in Idaho. Fishing with my grandfather at Birch Lake in Minnesota. Canoeing at the Boundary Waters outside Ely. Collecting shark teeth on the beach outside Fort Augustine. Floating in the salty water at Cedar Key. Netting crabs and catching sharks on a pier in the middle of town at midnight at Port Townsend. On the Karlov Most. Wandering through early morning fog on cobblestone streets in Prague. Visiting Pan in Hyde Park. Watching hundreds of caribou stream across the muskeg north of Fairbanks. Star gazing while walking on winter nights in northern Minnesota. And over countless cups of coffee in many places while writing in notebooks, on beer mats, on birch bark on receipts and in newspaper margins.


Artist: Allen James Teague
Title: Poet's Heart
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261252889