• Release Date 2/1/2017
  • Brand: Allsop
  • UPC: 035286317351
  • Available Date: 2/1/2017
  • Model Number: 31735
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Vinyl Accessories 
Price: $34.75


ALLSOP 31735 Orbitrac 3 PRO Vinyl 12 Inch LP Record Cleaning System Kit Includes Pad Cleaning Fluid Brush and Cleaning Cloths

Allsop’s Orbitrac 3 Vinyl Record Cleaning System is an all-in-one wet cleaning system with a rotating assembly that makes it quick and easy to clean your vinyl records and remove dirt, dust, debris, and fingerprints. The exclusive Orbitrac rotating design uses anti-static cleaning pads that follow the grooves of your vinyl for an extremely consistent and effective clean that won’t scratch your records.

The advanced liquid cleaning solution was specifically developed for vinyl records and ensures safe cleaning. The Orbitrac cleaning fluid has been laboratory tested for the highest level of quality. The Orbitrac reviving brush extends the life of cleaning cartridges and removes debris in-between cleanings.

Oribtrac cleaning kit includes: Oribtrac unit, 2x cleaning cartridges, protective non-skid pad, 2oz cleaning fluid, reviving brush, and storage case. Cleaning cartridges and cleaning fluid replacements are available. The Orbitrac provides superior cleaning in less than 30 seconds and removes pops, clicks and other sounds caused by dirt or debris that can be removed in the cleaning process.

Product Overview

  • A quick and effective system for removing dirt, dust, debris and fingerprints from your vinyl records. Provides a superior clean in less than 30 seconds.
  • Orbitrac exclusive rotating design – anti-static cleaning pads follow the grooves of your vinyl for an extremely consistent and effective cleaning that won’t scratch your records.
  • Spray / cartridge system provides wet cleaning benefits and consistent coverage without the risk of spraying or pouring fluids directly onto your vinyl.
  • Non-skid pad provides a safe work surface for cleaning vinyl and removes the risk of damaging your turntable or spreading dust/dirt.
  • Advanced liquid cleaning solution specifically developed for vinyl ensures safe and consistent cleaning. Laboratory tested for the highest level of quality.

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