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Ufos Over Washington

Ufos Over Washington

  • By Andre Fratto
  • Release 3/23/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

After a couple years of recording, I thought it was about time to put together a collection of some of the tunes of which I am most proud, give it a title and call it an album. That is not to say that it is simply a collection of songs. I did put some thought into the over all flow of this album, and I tried to choose songs that felt right together, and in the end, I'm satisfied that it turned out to be more (if not only slightly) than just a collection, but to a certain extent, one long song out of one erratic head. There are politics to be found in here, but I must say, it does not come from me trying to convince anybody of anything. It's more like me trying to make sense of what is going on and how it's effecting my own view of the world. In other words, I'm not trying to sway, and I'm not trying to be cautionary, I'm just freaking out and that's one of the ways I deal with it. As far as credits go. I did everything on this album with the exception of the drums on Timing of it All, and Presidents which were performed by THE man Jonathan Mover. All songs were produced, recorded and engineered here at my humble home. On that note, I hope you all enjoy and check in once in a while for news on upcoming projects and album number 2. -Andre Fratto.


Artist: Andre Fratto
Title: Ufos Over Washington
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/23/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479934629


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