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I'm on My Way

I'm on My Way

  • By Andrea Emmes
  • Release 3/11/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Winner of the 2008 LA Music Awards Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year, Andrea Emmes had everything going for her: she was singing nightly on the Las Vegas strip as one-third of the popular all-girl group "GG Girls" and still making it out to LA to work as a studio singer; previously she had performed as "Ariel" at Disneyworld, and numerous film, TV and Voice Over jobs (Xbox, Pizza Hut, Skype to name a few) ." However, this success was not meant to last. In 2006, Andrea was involved in an accident and sprained an ankle. She was diagnosed with RSD, a pain disorder that causes the body's nerves to misfire and send a deluge of pain signals throughout the body. Suddenly-after a seemingly innocent injury-Andrea went from singing seven nights a week, to constant, crippling pain: at times even unable to walk. As a result, Andrea was forced to slow down-and reconsider everything about herself: personally, professionally and spiritually. Andrea, who was raised in the church, found herself once again turning to the Lord. She began soul-searching-and finding herself waking up at 2 or 3 AM (often with inspiration for new songs.) It was at this point that Andrea realized she needed to stop singing for herself, and begin singing for the Lord. And from that moment on, everything else fell into place... Andrea began writing constantly, revisiting a poem she had written in college, "Father." She submitted the track to a small radio station in Arkansas, who began giving it some airplay. That was all the motivation she needed: reinvigorated by her connection with the Lord, Andrea set off on writing a full album and truly pursuing her dream of becoming a recording artist. She teamed up with some amazing musicians-including Richard Smith, Maia Rodriguez and Chris Mendez-all "beautiful and amazing talents" according to Emmes. And with their support, Andrea's music began garnering serious attention. Even over the airwaves (or internet), Andrea's music reaches people on both a universal and intimate level. When she sings, "You're beautifully broken, perfectly made; With all that you're given, how can you complain? For I know His purpose, is given to you; With words from His Spirit, Who resides in you?" it sums up her experience-and reaches something we can all relate to. And this glorious message is made all the more convincing by her wonderful voice. It has a beautiful, lyrical soprano quality-but sounds equally good digging in on flat-out rockers; outwardly warm, it also has an edgy undercurrent that hints at some of the tribulations she has been through. Andrea released her debut CD titled, 'I'm On My Way', and is currently writing her second album, hopefully to be released before Christmas. Besides touring locally promoting 'I'm On My Way', she works very closely with many wonderful charitible organizations such as 3 Points of Light, The RSD Foundation, Giving Children Hope, The Women's Transitional Center, IT'S, Beadiful Sisters as well as enjoys working with the G.E.T. U.P. Youth Group as their musical director. Although things might not have turned out exactly as Andrea Emmes had planned, the events of her life have opened up other doors. As Andrea states, "Because of this challenge, my greatest dream is coming true: I have been able to use my gifts for God's purpose." As listeners, we're just glad that we are along for this wonderful, inspiring ride-and we'll be with her as she's on her way. Andrea's prayer: "That the music moves you, inspires you, touches you, makes you think, smile or even cry, but above all...changes you."


Artist: Andrea Emmes
Title: I'm on My Way
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 3/11/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 635961115120