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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

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On this record, Andy's Aunt, Dr. Marguerite goes to summer camp. We'll learn about her special relationship with her granddaughter, the trumpet-playing, Drucilla. Join us as we explore the mysterious holistic medical practices of Marguerite's colleague, Dr. Mary Frances. Jump in the Plymouth as we pay Marguerite's friend, Dot a visit at the nursing home. And - the entire way - we will assess risk! --------- * Okay, so there's an asterisk on cut number 7 - 'One Clown Short of a Circus' - because this is a performance of improv comedy by three guys who are not inprov comics, which is to say, we are not doing what we do best. Yet, Susan O'Connor, Program Czarina at the National Storytelling Festival, put this set together, so we are diving in. Taking the leap. Throwing ourselves into the fray, albeit desperately, for those who gathered that evening, and for you, gentle listener. Bil Lepp (stage right) is showing you that he can make up a tall tale, fast! Kevin Kling (stage left) is proving, in his well-timed brilliant fashion, that brevity truly is the soul of wit. As for me, I am but the middleman. I only want this on the album because it makes me laugh. But, let's face it; it really isn't good enough to sell to the unsuspecting storytelling consumer. Therefore, proceeds from downloaded copies of this cut (standing alone, or along with the album) will go to the Keep It Campaign for Ivory Park, South Africa. It will help build a library and fill it with 6000 books. So when you listen to it, do roll your eyes - but know that at least you're rolling your eyes for the Greater Good. - aoi "Keep It!' mobilizes young people in the U.S. to 'act locally, reach globally' by making a sustained, focused commitment to developing their capacity as social entrepreneurs. In Ivory Park, one of the poorest townships in South Africa, 'Keep It!' has created a library that serves 1500 school children and the surrounding community. They have also provided funding to build two kitchens that now feed over 2500 children every day and sixty senior citizens three times a week.


Artist: Andy Offutt Irwin
Title: Risk Assessment
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 10/7/2011
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261340173