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  • By Andy Moor
  • Release 7/31/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Born in London England 1962 Andy began his musical life in Edinburgh, Scotland playing guitar with the band Dog Faced Hermans, a multi faceted eclectic group that mixed energetic post punk energy with traditional tunes and improvisations.... In 1990 he moved to the Netherlands after an invitation to join Dutch band The Ex and continues to be a full time member of this band....the openess and versatility of the musicians in this group has brought them intocontact with many musicians from different scenes and backgrounds..including Tom Cora (cello), Han Bennink (drums), Wolter Wierbos (trombone), Djibril Diabate (kora) John Butcher (sax) and Anne james Chaton (sound poet). In 95 he performed his first series of completely improvised concerts as a duet with Terrie Ex, and later released a video of the best performances. In 1996 he began another group with Tony Buck (Necks), Joe Williamson and Leonid Soybelman (Ne Zhdali) called Kletka Red...fusing traditional Klezmer, Greek and Russian songs with their own frantic styles of playing.... In more recent years Andy has involved himself more with the Amsterdam improvisation scene and has worked alongside electronic musicians as well as composing soundtracks for films and he performing regularily with dancers such as Magpie music and Dance Company with Katie Duck . 2000 and onwards not long after the millennium change andy began working more frequently with electronic musicians ..particularly kaffe matthews, yannis kyriakides, Thomas Lehn and Colin McLean In the summer of 2000 he composed along with Anna McMichael (New Ensemble) a short soundtrack for a film called EPIC by artist Marion Coutts (Dog Faced Hermans). The following year he composed another soundtrack for her film No Evil Star. The year 2001 brought him into contact with more dancers including Martin Sonderkamp (Magpie) ..Body Weather ....he also launched a new CD label along with composer and electronic musician Yannis Kyriakides and Isabelle Vigier called Unsounds... 2002 was spent touring extensively with The Ex in Europe USA and Ethiopia ... 2003 and 2004 he has worked with THERMAL (with John Butcher and Thomas lehn) and further with MAGPIE Music and dance Company and sound poet Anne james Chaton . 2005 saw collaborations with dancer and choreographer Nora Heilmann with a piece called "Skunk" and with the The Ex and D'Electrique (a dutch theatre group established 25 years ago ) doing a performance of Anthony Burgess's "A Clockwork Orange " 2006 The year the Ex becomes a 4 piece again after 20 years ....terrie and andy both use baritone guitars to replace the bass.... Andy performed with his favourite DJ DJ Rupture and plans a future joint release with him on both their labels ... Also a plan to ressurect a long awaited 4 tet called dairy ..with musicians Steve heather, Yannis Kyriakides and Joe Williamson ....they have performed twice so far providing a live improvised soundtrack to a manipulated version of a 1929 Rene Clair film called The Crazy Ray Other plans this year include a solo guitar release on unsounds ...and a possible second duo release with yannis this time working around the theme of rembetika music September 2006 Andy will compose music for a Toneel Theatre Group Amsterdam (pronounced 'toenail') who will perform a version of Wim wenders "Wings of Desire" in Amsterdam and Boston Dog Faced Hermans (Colin, Marion, Wilf, Andy) 1988 Humans Fly/EverydayTimebomb" 1991 Mental Blocks For All Ages" 1993 Hum Of life (all Konkurrent) 1994 Those Deep buds 1995 Bump and Swing The Ex/Tom Cora (G.W Sok, Terrie, Kat, Luc, Andy, Tom Cora) 1992 Scrabbling At The Lock (Ex) 1993 And The Weatherman.........(Ex) The Ex (Terrie, Luc, Kat, Andy, G.W.Sok) 1994 Mudbird Shivers (EX) 1995 Instant (Ex) 1998 Starters and Alternators (EX/Touch n GO) 1999 The Ex and Tortoise (Fishtank/Konkurrent) 2000 Dizzy Spells (EX/Touch N GO) 2003 Beautiful Frenzy DVD (EX/Touch N GO) The Ex (Terrie, Rozemarie, Kat, Andy, G.W.Sok) 2004 Turn (EX/Touch N GO) 2005 In The Event with anne james Chaton (Dante) Kletka Red (Tony Buck, Joe Williamson, Leonid Soybelman, Andy Moor) 1996 Hijackin (Tzadik) 2000 Hybrid (Red Note) Little Red Spiders (Tony Buck, Stevie Wishart, Andy Moor, Joe Williamson) 1998 Music Of The... Other Projects feb 2002 Kaffe Matthews /Andy Moor .....Locks (Unsounds) may 2003 Thomas Lehn-John Butcher - Andy Moor....Thermal (Unsounds) may 2004 Yannis Kyriakides - Andy Moor - red V green....(Unsounds) feb 2005 Corkestra - Cor Fuhler (data records) FILM Soundtrack's for "Epic" Marion Coutts 2000 short film "No Evil Star " 2003 Marion Coutts short film "Transit" Banafsheh Khoshnoudi 2004 short film "Blessed Are the Dreams Of men " Jem Cohen 2005 short film PRODUCTION 2004 TSEYHATU BERAKI - SELAM -VETERAN ERITREAN SINGER -(TERP) MIXED BY ANDY MOOR 2006 MOHAMMED JIMMY MOHAMMED -BLIND ETHIOPIAN SINGER AND HIS GROUP-TAKKABEL (TERP ) MIXED BY ANDY MOOR.


Artist: Andy Moor
Title: Marker
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/31/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479562686