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Shiva Shakti Om

Shiva Shakti Om

  • By Angelika
  • Release 8/20/2001
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Angelika is an internationally known performer, song-writer and recording artist, who dedicates her life to uplift, inspire and heal through the gift of her angelic voice and music. 'Shiva Shakti Om': Sacred mantras for personal healing and manifestation 'On her new CD Shiva Shakti Om, (finalist in the NAV 2001 Music Awards), Angelika supports the healing power of the ancient Sanskrit language in a sensitive, gentle way by combining her angelic voice with beautiful musical accompaniment and improvisation of cello, tamboura, sitar, dobro, keyboards, piano, flute, Tibetan bowls, bells, conch and harmonies. This is a rare find in the genre of healing/meditation music and sacred chanting, as it is easy to listen again and again to receive the healing, purifying energies of this timeless spiritual treasure and allow a state of meditation to come without effort. These Mantras and prayers come from the ancient Vedic scriptures. Titles: 'Bhavam Bhavani', 'Mantra Mala', 'Sri Lakshmi Shuktam', 'Amma Amma', 'Om namah Shivaya', the sacred sound 'Om' and others. People of all ages and different walks of life can benefit from this music, as hundreds of testimonials have affirmed. This CD can aid meditation, sleep, healing work, body work sessions, Yoga, Chi Gong and is good for stress reduction. Description of the artist's work Angelika has produced three sacred music CDs and twelve cassettes of spiritual songs, lullabies, children's albums, nature recordings and soothing instrumental music. Angelika's beautiful and soothing voice invokes a healing, inner experience, touching the heart and awakening inspiration with abundant love for the divine mystery. With her music, meditation, relaxation and remembering who we truly are become effortless. During her live performances Angelika plays tamboura, 12-string guitar and piano-keyboard to accompany her eclectic collection of original compositions, traditional songs, mantras and chants in English and Sanskrit. Other instruments on her recordings are cello, violin, harp, flute, mandolin, sitar, dobro, recorder, conch, Tibetan prayer bowls and bells. Angelika creates a truly sacred space for transformation, personal healing, manifestation and enhancing the inner silence. Angelika's Bio After completing her university teaching degree in art and physical education, Angelika moved to the Alaskan wilderness from her native Germany. She grew up expressing her love and natural talent for music, with voice, guitar, flute and other instruments. Her musical style was strongly influenced by English folk, ballads of old, Celtic music and artists like Cat Stevens, Clannad, Tom Paxton, Joan Baez, Supertramp and more recently Enya, Loreena McKennit, etc. The Alaskan wilderness experience inspired many wonderful songs, though it was not until moving to the Sierra Nevada foothills that her true purpose with music was revealed. Through the introduction to sacred chanting her understanding of the healing powers of music were awakened. Angelika studied music at Sacramento State University and then with several contemporary saints and masters who taught her ancient mantras, sacred chants and encouraged her to use her gift for her own and other's healing and upliftment. She has dedicated her life to this purpose. Angelika travels extensively giving concerts at retreat centers, churches, conventions, and special events. Her inspiring musical programs cover a wide range of eclectic, original and traditional songs and chants in English, Sanskrit and German. She continues to compose and record her ever-evolving angelic music of the soul. With the release of her deeply inspired CD 'Shiva Shakti Om' Angelika is gaining international recognition as a healing/sacred music recording and performing artist. Testimonial 'Angelika's music is angelic. Her soft voice is like thousands of cherry blossom petals falling through the blue diamond sky of the heart... her lyrics are sweet ocean air blowing across the desert of the busy mind... all in all, her music is a hammock hung between the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Hang there for a while and let yourself be regenerated through honest and real serenity'. Richard Sales, Composer, Recording engineer, Owner, Glasswing Studios, Portland, Oregon The power of the Sanskrit language and how I came to perform, record and produce sacred, healing music. By Angelika, River Canyon Retreat, 6-7-2001 My first introduction to sacred chanting was during a Yoga retreat at Ananda Village in 1985. Today sacred music and chanting is becoming widely known, accepted and cherished as a great tool to calm and uplift the mind. My mind reacted with it's usual rebellion to something it does not understand and had a little trouble with the repetitive aspect of the music and the words. But it did not take long to relax into this prayerful mode, to let the mind slip away and get into a state I would describe as blissful. I realized then, that this is the music in my own soul, my own heart, I had been looking for all my life. Some little spark was lit, which, over the years has turned into an ever brighter flame. A few months later, in the midst of some major life changes, I sat in a garden asking that big cosmic question to which the answer for some of us can be very elusive: 'What now'? I prayed deeply that day, more focused then ever, with passion, with an intensity I had not known before. I needed to know my life's purpose here and now! 'What should I do with my life?' I asked with every fiber of my being. And I heard a voice, so clear, so big, so all encompassing answer me back: 'healing through music'. 'What does that mean?' I asked, but there was no further instructions - only a vast silence. Within 2 weeks I enrolled in a graduate program for music at Sacramento State University and at the same time studied sound recording techniques at American River College. Saturating myself with music and study of different instruments was very rewarding. I started to compose and record my own music. Since then I also had the good fortune to be guided and instructed by several divine teachers: Ammachi, Shree Maa, Swami Satyananda, Karunamayi and others who are gracing my life with steady encouragment, inspiration and beautiful Sanskrit prayers, slokas and Mantras. I have a special affinity with this 5 000 year old spiritually imbued language. It was used for spiritual purposes and for writing scriptures. The seed syllables, which form the mantras, for example OM or Aim or Sreem are the most subtle way that a spiritual principal can be expressed in audible form. They draw into the physical realm beneficial energies, each with it's own specific quality. Chanting or simply listening to these ancient Sanskrit Mantras, prayers and songs has a powerful effect on the nervous system, can prevent illness and heal on many levels. The vibration of these sounds will clear energy, not only from the listener or the one chanting, but also in the surrounding atmosphere. This uplifting effect is not dependent on belief systems, religious or cultural background. It has a universal quality. It also does not matter, if we understand the meaning or know the translation. The ancient seers and sages have imbued this language with a spiritual power which is directly transmitted by the sound. I am grateful to have been given such a wonderful and uplifting assignment like chanting these beautiful Mantras and songs in a new way. I support the power of the language in a sensitive, gentle way and strive to combine it with the most beautiful and uplifting music, so people will love to listen again and again to receive the healing and purifying energies of this timeless spiritual treasure. And that is what my listeners are confirming over and over, with letters, emails, testimonials, gratitude and encouragement. Review excerpts The 'Share Guide' July/August issue by Janice Hughes, publisher. 'Shiva Shakti Om offers mantras for personal healing and manifestation. These ancient Sanskrit prayers and songs have great spiritual power and bring healing, peace and remembrance. A finalist in the NAV 2001 Music Awards, the album combines Angelika's angelic voice with beautiful musical accompaniment and improvisation of cello, tamboura, sitar, dobro, keyboards, piano, flute, Tibetan bowls, bells, conch and harmonies. This is a rare find in the genre of healing/meditation music and sacred chanting, as it draws you to listen frequently to receive the purifying energies of this timeless spiritual treasure. Backroads Music, Heartbeats cataloge 2000/2001, Lloyd Barde 'Ancient Sanskrit prayer and mantras are sung with a divine ear to sensitive adaptation. Musical accompaniment and improvisation provides just the right amount of support to frame Angelika's pure expressive voice, as she takes mantras from various scriptures of India .......... are sung beautifully, ..... Shiva Shakti Om is a welcome addition to our growing list of chant titles, and offers a pure voice, devotional approach and a depth of delivery that will reach many listeners.' From 'Magical Blend' Aug/Sept issue. 'Even if you have never explored the concepts or precepts behind the prayers and songs found on this CD, you will love the beautiful music and words by Angelika. This is uplifting, resonating, and inspiring, and has the ability to relax, center, and quiet the noisy mind. The ancient Sanskrit prayers and chants are powerful in their ability to create a deeper inner silence and peace. I gave the first listen very early in the morning, and it seemed that the rest of a very busy day went more smoothly and quietly where it never would have before. I listened again and really felt the beauty and depth of the message and the music'. -Daphne Rice ' Enlighten people and Improve your world! ' 5 reasons to buy this CD ·Finalist in the 2001 New Age Voice Magazine Music Awards, in the category of Meditation and Healing ( chosen by 2 rounds of professional music judges as one of the best in it's genre) ·A great aid for meditation and relaxation practices, sleep, Yoga, Chi Gong, Reiki and other healing work sessions ·Timeless, angelic music for people of all ages and walks of life ·Upper chakra music, reviving powerful ancient healing Mantras and prayers ·Inspirational, beautiful, timeless and beyond trends ( Alternative Description of the CD 'Shiva Shakti Om' 'Shiva Shakti Om' is a collection of deeply inspiring, ancient Sanskrit healing prayers and mantras, sung by Angelika with a pure, soothing voice to sensitive musical accompaniment and improvisation of cello, tamboura, keboards, grand piano, dobro, sitar, flute, Tibetan bowls, bells, conch and vocal harmonies. These healing mantras and prayers are from various scriptures of India, 'Bhavam Bhavani', 'Mantra Mala', Sri Lakshmi Shuktam', 'Amma, Amma', 'Om namah Shivaya', the sacred sound 'Om' and others. People of all ages and different walks of life can benefit from this music, as hundreds of testimonials have affirmed. This CD can aid meditation, sleep, healing work, body work sessions, Yoga, Chi Gong and is good for stress reduction.)


Artist: Angelika
Title: Shiva Shakti Om
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 8/20/2001
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 637597800326


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