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Miss Annas Music Class 2

Miss Annas Music Class 2

  • By Anna Stange
  • Release 7/20/2004
  • Music Genre Children's
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Miss Anna is back with 28 more songs! Volume II is, as one admirer said, "A gold mine of kid biz ditties!". Wow!! Anna has updated several old time favorites such as When the Kids Go Marching In, Here Sits a Monkey, Hey Lolly Lolly, The Raspberry Patch and Aikendrum. Played on the guitar, banjo or mountain dulcimer, these songs keep children entertained, whether they're listening, singing along, or making up their own new, wacky, fun verses. Anna's singing style is clear and melodious. The words are easy to understand, even when she's singing in Kiswahili and Spanish; in any case, all the lyrics are printed inside the four inside panels of the eco-friendly cardboard case. Miss Anna, volume 2, includes three beautiful lullabies. The first, Owl Moon written by Bruce O'Brien, is based on the book of the same name by Jane Yolen. The song and ASL hand motions complement a reading of the original story. Anna accompanies herself on the mountain dulcimer. The sweet sound of this instrument belies it's humble origins. Sometime around 1990, Anna received a long package in the mail from her father; he had purchased this instrument (wasn't sure what it was) at an auction for just a few dollars, and it looked like it was handmade. Well, it was a dulcimer made from PLYWOOD! A few minor adjustments later, the dulcimer was suitable for taking down off the wall every once in a while to pick a tune or two, which was all Anna had time for between work, school, home and family. Finally, it came down off the wall for good, and entered the repertoire of instruments visiting Miss Anna's Music Classes. Children & folks of all ages enjoy picking and strumming the mountain dulcimer Siempre Abuelita, by Tish Hinojosa, is a love song for all the Grandmas, Nanas & Abuelas who create wonderful memories for all their ninas & ninos. Malaika, by William Fadhili, is a popular East African lullaby. Armed with a notebook, mini-tape recorder, and an open mind and heart, Anna learned this song during a trip to Kenya. Anna spends more time researching song origins and histories than she spends in the studio recording the songs! Did you know, for example, that London Bridge has six verses, and you can see the actual bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ?! Buffalo Gals, was written in 1844, and was also known as Dance With Dolly. Song information is included inside the CD cover. Finally, a word about the graphics. The CD, cover and inside photographs feature a happy group of 6-month to 4 ½ year old children playing instruments, drumming, and dancing with Miss Anna. The colorful cast of characters include Anna's five young nieces, nephews & one great-nephew who all happen to have been in Miss Anna's classes at one time or another! Big news, two more nephews are on the way, so keep on the lookout for another new Miss Anna CD in the works! You will fall in love with Miss Anna's Music Class when you hear this CD. Send her an email, and she'll keep you posted when she visits in your area. Yes, it could happen; Anna spends several weeks a year traveling around the country singing and performing for audiences of all ages. Buy this CD! You'll love it!!!


Artist: Anna Stange
Title: Miss Annas Music Class 2
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 7/20/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707919126