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Rhythm Gypsy

Rhythm Gypsy

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MUSIC UNITES MANY INFLUENCES After living in Massachusetts, California and New Mexico, Annunciata Corazzini has a lifetime's worth of experiences and transitions to write about. With a cultural background that includes African American, Cherokee and Italian, she also has a vast history from which to draw stories and ideas. Her Mature, fine-tuned music represents all of these areas and more with ethnic, folk, world beat and tribal genres combined to make some of the most soulful and beautiful music I've ever heard. Using only a 12-string guitar, vocals and rhythm instruments, Corazzini expresses the most vulnerable of emotions without sounding obsure or dramatic. The swift guitar lines and flowing, layered vocal harmonies are matched perfectly with the deep tribal percussion. Her attention to detail is exquisite. Her music--effortless. The same structure is used for all 10 songs, and there is a nice consistency throughout the whole CD. The quality and clarity of the production sounds flawless. Her music is different from music I am more accustomed to, and I had difficulty comparing it to the music of other artists. However, the song 'Are You Lonely?' has the feel of Native American singer/songwriter Buffy St. Marie, with it's straight-forward melody. 'Winter Wind' is slightly reminiscent of folk singer Melanie. 'More Than Friends' and 'Ahoh'(Lakota) slow down a bit and allow attention to be paid to the messages:. 'I always knew I'd see you smile again/No one ever said goodbye/ It was hard to see the good in going separate ways/ Time will tell.' 'Time Will Tell' is full of sadness, yet carries hope. That's the message I came away with after listening to Corazzini; the struggle for eternal peace and happiness may be difficult, but there is no reason to ever stop searching. She obviously hasn't stopped searching for the perfect way to discover and express her inner-most desires and dreams. . . it is rare to find such sincerity in music today. Corazzini has played concerts and festivals all over the Southwest and was featured at New Mexico's Songwriter Showcase from 1992 -95. She is a woman we'll hear more from in the future. RACHEL HEISLER UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO DAILY LOBO (Rachel now writes for the ALIBI, an alternative weekly) ...Annunciata? Her stuff breathes. It takes in the hot dry air of the desert and exhales a cool midnight dew that reflects the stars. It just breathes. . .the way a spirit breathes. It's the only way I can describe it. It's really, really, good. MARK DURSTEWITZ MADELF PRODUCTIONS NEW JERSEY ...her music is refreshing, and uplifting. I get so tired of playing 'shoot your grandmother music', it's depressing. But Annunciata just has this great feel- good music. It just makes you want to get up and dance and say life IS good. TJ TROUT THE MORNING SHOW 94 ROCK call what she does trance inducing is an understatement. You simply must experience it for yourself. MICHAEL HENNINGSEN THE ALIBI ...her song on the New Mexico Showcase Compilation CD is the best of all twenty musical contributions, and that's why I play her music on my show. She appeals to that up-scale bohemian crowd, the ones starving for good music which never seems to make it to the radio air waves. No wonder she made the top 20 Band in New Mexico. She is awesome. JOHN EDWARDS 'THE JOHN EDWARDS SHOW' KBTK TALK RADIO 1310 AM Albuquerque,New Mexico.


Artist: Annunciata Corazzini
Title: Rhythm Gypsy
Genre: International
Release Date: 5/14/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479619229