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Sessions at East

Sessions at East

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For seven years, Keith Schreiner's electronic music and experimental auditory sculptures have been the backbone of Portland's ever-burgeoning electronic/dj scene. His wildly successful days in Dahlia (five years of packed Tuesday nights at the Ohm) were only the starting point into a career that has included numerous production, dj, and collaboration opportunities. During downtime from Dahlia, Schreiner helmed the six-piece future jazz project The Down Band featuring Nate Query (The Decemberists) on bass, DJ's IZM and Venom 33, and local jazz maestro Derek Simms on trumpet. During that time Schreiner also worked under his solo guise as Auditory Sculpture. Auditory Sculpture began as a creative playground for Schreiner where he could test, pull, and meld beats and sounds. Some of which would later show up in Dahlia and other artists' work. The music that Schreiner kept for himself became the three albums of Auditory Sculpture's discography '' Solitary From (1999), That Might Be You But This is Me (2001), and Merge (2002). This December, after a four-year break, Schreiner will release his fourth Auditory Sculpture album, Sessions at East. Sessions at East began as exactly that '' dj sessions at East. Over the past year and a half, Portland's East Chinatown Lounge, hosted Schreiner's Auditory Sculpture project on a weekly basis. The relationship was perfect. The uber-swank lounge sans stage setting at East allowed Schreiner the vibe he needed to compose ideas, explore new sounds, and create a chill ambience for the drinking crowd. Schreiner found inspiration for these dj sets through the work he has done with various artists over the past four years. For Schreiner those past four years found the demise of Dahlia, the invention a new sociopolitical hip-hop group Suckapunch and increased production work for various local artists including the latest Storm and the Balls remix record, Hush recording artist Corrina Repp's latest, and Portland favorite Nicole Campbell's last album. He also lends his talent to a track on Katiln Ni Donovan's upcoming album. Schreiner also busied himself with film scores and commercial music. It was from this work that Schreiner began to compile the elements of what would become Sessions at East.


Artist: Auditory Sculpture
Title: Sessions at East
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 12/20/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 751937280422