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Ayin Aleph I

Ayin Aleph I

(With DVD, Digipack Packaging)
  • By Ayin Aleph
  • Release 2/25/2009
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The music of AYIN ALEPH is at the confluence of different styles : metal and classical influences such as baroque and romantic music. These elements are gathered in a polyphonic way. Her music can not strictly refer to lyrical metal or symphonic rock as existing. AYIN ALEPH has created her own genre in the same way as artists like Kate Bush, Freddie Mercury, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie have done with their respective influences. Her lyrics are very poetical and tragic. Through allegories and symbols, she reveals her emotional messages. Childhood and piano. Born in Moscow, AYIN ALEPH begins her piano studies at the age of four. The class of musical theory was located just in front of her house, at the ground floor; a day that she was out for shopping with her mother, she escaped from her attention and got into this class; she stayed listening and though she was too young to enter the school, the music theory teacher accepted to give her private initiation class of music. After several years, she was soon noticed by the famous composer of this time Dimitri KABALEVSKI as one of the most promising virtuoso of her generation. At the age of eight, she plays her own music pieces in concert at the "Composers Union" in Moscow. She studied music all her youth in Moscow. At a very early age, AYIN writes poems and creates an oneiric personal world. At the age of fifteen she enters the Conservatory of Moscow where she kept on studying piano. At the same time, she follows acting classes in a famous theatre studio of Moscow. Due to the time she is obliged to give for pianos studies, she had to put an end to this acting school. During this period, she writes a lot of poetry that seemed surprisingly mature in the topics. She gave to read her poems to some of her professors of the Conservatory who really appreciated them. She was always very different from the others, characterized by an eccentric temper that was somehow excused by her talent in this very strict political system of the Soviet Union. She participated to Russian rock concerts, by writing lyrics and music for people that were performing in kind of forbidden clubs. In 1990, she leaves from Russia in order to enlarge her horizons and settles herself in Paris in 1992. Then, she enters the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In 1993 she entered the European Conservatory and worked with Igor Laszko, a Bach specialist. In the nineties, she played in several movies wanting to develop a movie career. However she didn't find a real interest as the roles she is offered are not corresponding to her own fantastic world that she wants to see on the screen. There was no real proposition of role with which she would show her real talent and personality. At the same time during these years, she gives piano lessons to numerous learners and distinguishes herself as an ambitious teacher who did not hesitate to confront at an early level her students with the great works of art of the classical music. It was really successful and twice a year she organised concerts for her piano students. Her kind of disillusions with the French movie industry helped her to orientate back to music actually and especially toward singing as she had never really practised this art before as a professional. She begins studying lyrical singing with a Paris based tenor of Argentinian origins: Jorge De Leon. She mainly worked on baroque music. At the beginning of 2000 she teamed up with several French engineers and musicians on her first compositions with electronic music arrangements. After that, she works with a French rap label where she tries to introduce baroque music inside rap. This experience didn't last long. After a while, she recorded pop/electro demos of her compositions at the studio Davout in Paris, where she meets a young sound engineer with whom she decided to reshape her arrangements in a rock way. From this time, she starts to establish her band and meets several successive musicians. Her sound became more and more rock /metal through the combination of influences and her own taste characterised by her blazing personality. It is at this time, while she gets to know different musicians, that she decides to shoot her first video on the track VALPURGIS NIGHT (broadcast in Germany and Belgium) although she has not even yet recorded her first complete album. For Ayin, the expression of her art through images is as necessary as writing music. She creates the costumes of her the characters that she plays, writes the synopsis of the video, co-manages the staging and plays different roles. From this moment, she understands that being just a pianist and a vocalist is not sufficient for the expression of her art. She continues to work and rearrange a dozen of compositions that are getting transformed through the rehearsals and lives. In 2004, she shoots the video BUTTERFLY which has a more professional shape and is even more fantastic in the ambiance. She again plays lots of different characters mixing glamour and fantastic worlds, which describes in a way the very characteristic approach of her visual style. Ayin's voice : Ayin Aleph has a singular and versatile voice that oscillates between intimacy and lyrical singing. She explores lots of vocal directions: lyrical singing, a hoarse timbre, intimate voice in the verses, metal yells, masculine voices and operatic choruses. She records every single vocal line of her music. The Album « AYIN ALEPH I »: Ayin Aleph is the Author, composer, arranger as well as singer on this album; she also recorded all the piano and harpsichord parts. Almost every musical structure of her compositions is based on polyphony. In certain songs she uses 4 to 6 bass lines, melodically different and there are sometimes 16 polyphonic piano tracks inside the metal arrangement of the electric instruments. She starts with the production of her album by the summer of 2005 and the production will last more than a year. First of all she re-writes all the guitar arrangements with Mark Mynett (Kill To This), Manchester based guitar player and producer. The first recordings of guitar & drums is taking place at the Studio Davout in Paris ; however the recordings of drums originally made with the UK musician Jeff Singer (Paradise Lost) will need to be cancelled as the arrangements were not convening with the style of the music, though of a great quality. The new recordings of drums were done by Yann Costes (No One is Innocent) at the Studio of La Reine Blanche in Paris. Eventually it was necessary to do again the bass sessions and it was the opportunity to meet and work with the French bass player Jean-Jacques Moréac (from the metal French band Misanthrope); it was recorded at home as well as some complementary guitar played by Anthony Scemama (Misanthrope as well). When AYIN starts the recording of her vocals, she hadn't created one of her personal artistic touch: the vocal choruses. It is during the process of the recording of the lead voice that, as more she was recording songs after songs her vocals, that she starts to edify this style of operatic polyphonic choruses increasing them progressively and coming back several times on them to modify the structure and the volume of them. A song such as « GREED » needed about 150 backing vocal tracks to create this enormous "unison" sound. She fully satisfies her interest for polyphonic structures. The mix was realised by the Swedish producer Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames, Meshuggah) and was realised at the Studio B of Davout in Paris. The album mastering was done at CUTTING ROOM, in Stockholm, except for "BUTTERFLY" at Sterling Sound in New York. Once the mastering achieved, she continues her artistic work by the preparation of three successive video shootings on the following tracks: « MY BLOODY MARRIAGE », « HAMLET » and « I MISS YOU ». All the synopsis were written by her. The first two videos were shot at the Abbey of Chaalis close to Paris. It is a ruin of an old gothic church where it stands also close to it a very small and beautiful gothic vault with baroque frescos that was used as decorum for the video of "MY BLOODY MARRIAGE". The whole shooting of the two videos lasts almost a week in an intensive path. Again, she manages the artistic direction through staging direction and costumes creation (with a part of them coming from the Paris opera). She plays around fifteen different roles in these videos. Then after a short break she starts the shooting of the video "I MISS YOU". Then, she works on the post production of her videos that will last several weeks. Then she arranges and records the EDIT RADIO versions of the three singles: "MY BLOODY MARRIAGE", "HAMLET" and "BUTTERFLY" with the Newcastle based guitar player Jimi Savage, in a more English rock style. The three tracks were mixed by the San Diego based engineer Joe Marlett. While she is actively working on the release of her first album « AYIN ALEPH I », she starts simultaneously the recording of her second album « AYIN ALEPH II » which is in fact an acoustic version of some songs which are of the first opus and where she adds between some songs "a capella" choruses especially written for this album. This new album is only for voice and piano. She records again all the vocal lines as well as the backing vocals in order to fit more with acoustic new sound. She doesn't use piano as a kind of accompanying instrument for the voice; she again creates a strong polyphonic relations between all the part of the voice and the numerous different piano lines in order to create a single musical sensation. This album is mixed by Fernando Pereira of the studio Davout.


Artist: Ayin Aleph
Title: Ayin Aleph I
Genre: Heavy Metal
Attributes: With DVD, Digipack Packaging
Release Date: 2/25/2009
Label: CD Baby
Number of Discs: 2
Media Format: CD
UPC: 3760036245611