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Fulfillment I've Got to Do It

Fulfillment I've Got to Do It

  • By B. Renee
  • Release 12/2/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

THE STORY: Calming, inspiring, comforting, reflective, powerful, gifted, directional, soulful and unforgettable are a few words to describe one of gospel's newest recording artist, B. Renee. "The gift to sing is something that has always been inside of me. My dad used to sing all over New York and it was exciting for me when my older sister and I were able to go along. My mother saw this gift in me and started vocal training with a wonderful teacher by the name of Professor William H. Collins. I believe I was about eight years old and continued until I was about fourteen or so. I seem to remember Professor Collins always emphasizing tone and diction." For more than twenty-five years, B. Renee has delivered the message of the Lord through her singing in gospel music. She is an independent, immensely gifted vocalist, songwriter, and Christian Music Minister who is in tune with the leadings of God. The gift to sing is something that had always been within her. She was always very shy; hence, singing in front of people was always such a struggle, but God had a means of bringing the best out of B. Renee for his purpose. "My uncle, the late Bishop Allen McDaniel, (I miss him dearly), opened his church, Greater Emmanuel Temple, when I was thirteen years old. I had no choice but to sing, being shy was not a consideration. There were just a few of us and everyone had to carry their weight for the Kingdom. God began to use me in a mighty way and singing wasn't just singing anymore. I would feel the Power of God on me and would begin to cry. As I grew older, I recognized the need for His presence and for the anointing, in my life. I saw and felt the difference in my singing when I didn't allow him to be lord over my life." During her journey, she served four years in the United States Air Force. In that time, God found favor in B. Renee and allowed her to sing amongst Generals and Lieutenants in various military ceremonies. She also had the opportunity to minister on such television programs stations as CBS as well as amongst industry greats as Tramaine Hawkins, Jeff Majors, Cissy Houston, and Melba Moore. Currently, B. Renee is a member of Life Changers Church & Ministries of Manhattan, Inc under the leadership of Bishop Joseph Harris, Senior Pastor and Founder. She is the Pastor over the Music Department, Worship & Praise and the Worship in Arts Departments. She is also married to a wonderful husband and together they have one daughter. "In 2005, it was prophetically told to me that God had appointed and anointed me to do a CD and that this product would touch the lives of many people. God said that I would travel internationally. I was scared of the call at first, so I procrastinated. Then one day, the lord spoke to me and said, "Don't abort the baby." In November 2007, the journey began towards the birthing of the CD project, 'Fulfillment . . . I've Got To Do It.' B. Renee brings songs of variety that would be a blessing to any contemporary service in any denomination or non-denominational gathering. This album has a universal appeal with it's' skillful lead songstress and intensity it brings musically. B. Renee ushers you into another level of worship, a fresher experience with God, and allows you to see the ability to let her faith shine throughout the music in each song ministered. This album is completely purposed to bring worship and praise back to God! "There have been endless challenges from the inception of this project until this very moment. It has been and still is a journey for me. You see, God is still writing my story, so stay tune cause I'm Gonna Fly!"


Artist: B. Renee
Title: Fulfillment I've Got to Do It
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 12/2/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501070508