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Ghetto Retro

Ghetto Retro

  • By Baby Jaymes
  • Release 11/16/2004
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

GHETTO RETRO Baby Jaymes, from East Oakland, California creates 'Ghetto Retro', a combination of Tony! Toni! Tone!, Macy Gray, Prince, and Outkast. Rarely does one chance upon material so raw yet refined, hip but conscious. Baby Jaymes' imaginative Ghetto Retro encompasses pure musical revelation. Born and raised in Oaktown, Baby Jaymes embarked upon his musical journey in the style of a true hustler-at the age of 13 he snuck into the 32nd Annual Grammy Awards and recognized music as his life's passion. From that moment on his collaborations with his mentor Raphael Saadiq, and funk legend George Clinton constantly encouraged his persistence for perfection. Bridging the gap between music and Hollywood, Baby Jaymes has had songs credited to motion pictures, recording a duet with actor Jamie Kennedy for the hit film 'Malibu's Most Wanted', the urban comedy 'My Baby's Daddy' and 'Any Given Sunday' by special request from the director himself, Oliver Stone, who was so impressed after hearing Jaymes' socially aware lyrics. Current lifestyle and events underlies his creative definition of music. A self taught lyricist who embarks upon a quest to change the status quo as well as a revolutionary in the early stages of a revolution that brings true artistry and talent to the forefront of popular music today. Baby Jaymes is the future of music. Dedicated to his audience, Baby Jaymes' creative inspiration flows instinctively. Victimized by tepid songs we hear on the radio today, baby Jaymes forged ahead bringing us Ghetto Retro-offering a pure alternative from the manufactured sound widely accepted. Now, he has added to his list of achievements the debut album, Ghetto Retro. Baby Jaymes' influences are experienced through the wide diversity of his material. Baby Jaymes has been known to refer to himself in wit as 'the Black Beck', and like Beck he is a true chameleon. One truly embraces the journey. The world of Baby Jaymes literally channels early Prince (yes, jammin' gutar riff is prevalent) along with evenly blended, laid back delivered Sly Tone lyrics. Experience what baby Jaymes defines as 'more power to the pen' while listening to 'society conscious' single 'Ghetto Life'. Shades of geniuses like Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye come to mind throughout the Baby Jaymes experience, especially on 'Win or Lose', and 'Tricks', because of their personal reflective lyrical energy. 'Nasty R&B Singer' and 'Miss Taboo' solidifies the modern old school soul sound. Frank content is always present. One may wonder what he prefers for his personal entertainment. When the answer is music, only then does the drive of this native of Oakland come to be understood. Bringing lyrics to the forefront of song, Baby Jaymes stresses it's importance in music. He proves a debut artist is an artist capable of successfully capturing his expression/vision crossing all genres. There are three words that describe the album Ghetto Retro by Baby Jaymes. We want more! QUOTES 'Old school funk flavors and the hyper syncopations of hi-hop have seldom converged as seamlessly as they do on Baby Jaymes' brilliant 16 song-song debut CD...GHETTO RETRO is the most auspicious Bay Area R&B maiden voyage in recent memory'. -San Francisco Chronicle 'GHETTO RETRO'...a fully realized masterpiece that imaginatively weds some of the best elements of old-school R&B with contemporary hip-hop energy'. -The SF Bay Guardian 'Baby Jaymes'GHETTO RETRO represents a new style and language that's gaining currency within hip-hop...interwining social issues and interwining bodies' -East Bay Express.


Artist: Baby Jaymes
Title: Ghetto Retro
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 11/16/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 603993052027