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Reinventing the Mojo

Reinventing the Mojo

  • By Bacon Fat
  • Release 7/3/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Bacon Fat: reinventing the mojo It has been nearly three years since the release of "Boogielicious Baby" and to say the least: a lot has happened. First of all the band was injected some fresh blood as the ole' line-up fell apart. Welcome aboard Benjamin and Rico! W. Johnson (the only original member) had to move mountains to keep the band existing. It was like starting all over from zero. Though luck was involved: within a couple of weeks the new line-up was ready to hit the stage. And the miracle was achieved when six months later the band was ready to record the second album which is presented right here. Actually Johnson literally had to reinvent the soul, the heart and the "mojo" of the band. Hence the title of the album. When listening to the opening track "Shake that ass" you can feel right away the band has gotten much tighter. This track you could probably file under "dance-blues" with it's pumping bass and driving disco-beat. There's even a real "Beat" added in the bridge, most exciting! At the end the song turns into a real bluesrocker in the vein of the "Undead"-album by Ten Years After. Other remarkable songs in the track-list include "Blues for Carol" (sung by 20-year old super-talent Delvis, who also plays the bluesharp here), "Red House" (a cover of the blues-standard by Jimi. Not an attempt to imitate the master but a true Bacon Fat-version), "Miles Dewey III part 2" (an instrumental effort inspired by the great man himself. Part 1 appeared on the "Show Some Steel"-demo of 2002) and "Raggafari Jack" (a song clearly inspired by Big Sugar. Where reggae meets rock 'n roll!). On top of that there's eight straight in your face blues-rock tracks. "Morefun Boogie" is from the "Boogielicious Baby"-era. "Pretty Little Thang" was the big success of the "Show Some Steel"-demo. And that's not the oldest original included here. "Louisa" was written by Johnson in 1999 before the first incarnation of Bacon Fat even got together. "Humbucking", "Bodeguita Brew" and "She go down to get me High" were among the last tracks written by the ole' line-up. The two brand new rockers "Dig it Up" and "Gimme some More" complete the album. So if you're into fat guitars, big guitars, dirty guitars and nasty guitars AND if you're into ass-kicking drums and groovy bass-lines you better check out "Reinventing the Mojo". Bacon Fat prove themselves to be a tight unit with loads of potential towards the musical future. W. Johnson : guitars, vocals, keys, effects & production Benjamin Cestillo : bass & backing vocals Enrique 'Rico' Gee : drums & percussion.


Artist: Bacon Fat
Title: Reinventing the Mojo
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/3/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479530289