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Midway Joe

Midway Joe

  • By The Badinovs
  • Release 4/10/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Who is this "Midway Joe" and who are THE BADINOVS anyway ? When Jake Mauer asked his friend Pat Olberding (aka Patrick Olberov) and his band The Badinovs to write a theme song for his son Joe, one member of the band replied "Joe who?". The first thing Mike Nilles (aka Nicco Badinov), who has always been one to give nicknames to everyone he meets, thought of was, "what can we call this kid?" So, thinking back to famous "Joes" in sports history, the first character that came to mind was "Broadway Joe" Namath. Broadway, the district-Midway, the working class St Paul neighborhood where Joe and generations of Mauers call home- of course, it just made sense. This kid was going to go down in history too! Midway Joe was every mother's son, a good kid, an honest athlete and a real wunderkind. The song had to be as sweet as his swing, as memorable as his sideburns, and as fun as his boyish grin. Pat, a long-time family friend, had helped coach this phenom from the time Joe was tripping over his own shoelaces, so he knew exactly what to say in the lyrics. Nicco had a melody in mind for a folky type of tune that rocked a bit- just like Joe's bat. Together with comrades Jeffry Beckerov (Jeff Becker) on drums and David Nussinov (Dave Nussbaum) on keyboards, The Badinovs are pleased to present to all in "Twins Territory" our ode to "Midway Joe". So, grab some pine tar, and give this tune a ride. It's another Joe Mauer hit! Visit: thebadinovs.com or myjoemauer.com.


Artist: The Badinovs
Title: Midway Joe
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/10/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 789577528925


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