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Boys Will Be Boyz

Boys Will Be Boyz

(Duplicated CD)
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Cocek Mambo: (ORIGINAL - 2/4) Written by Kip, this tune uses all the 7th chords you can make from the Hijaz scale, plus a couple. O Male/Pajdusko: (BULGARIAN - 5/16) A young girl learns that her love is to marry another. She writes him, 'Go ahead, I've become engaged to our neighbor.' O Male! Pamela's Rucenitsa: (ORIGINAL - 7/16) Steve won't tell us who his Bulgarian-style tune is about, but we suspect someone named Pamela. Katerino Mome: (BULGARIAN/MACEDONIAN - 4/4) This asks the musical question, 'What sort of mother gave birth to you, and how wild were you as a girl?' We think you'll find the answer amusing. Pleasant Peasant: (ORIGINAL - 11/8) A tune written by our friend, that cool dude, Souren Baronian. Pravo Medley: (BULGARIAN 2/4, 6/8) JANO JANKE VAKLO AGNE: A song about the perfect love connection in Strandza. TRUGNAL E MARKO: Marko's new bride won't sing for him in the forest. She fears her hajduk ex-lover may hear. Pretty scary! Kopanitsa Medley: (BULGARIAN - 11/8) TRUGNALI MOMI NEVESTI - Young women are gathering strawberries when they are set upon by Tatars. Yikes! The second tune is a kaval (flute) tune played by Steve on saxophone. Malko Pajdusko: (ORIGINAL - 5/8) A tune written by Allan. Pretty good for a bass player. Cocek '80: (MACEDONIAN - 2/4) A tune from Ferus Mustafov (Bill provides the Del Shannon touch). Rucenitsa Medley: (BULGARIAN/MACEDONIAN - 7/8) MORI MARE: Mare leaves her husband for a pair of 'dark eyes'. An unusual love song, the woman gets her way. TRUGNAL MOMKO: A love song comparing the beauty of a young woman to a variety of natural and agricultural delights. Levendikos: (MACEDONIAN - 16/16) We learned this from a recording Steve made near Florina, Greece. THE BALKAN NOYZ BOYZ DAN AUVIL-Drums ALLAN CLINE-Bass BILL COPE-Synth & Guitar STEVE FINNEY-Saxophones RUTH HUNTER-Vocals & Guitar KIP MCATEE-Guitar Engineered by Justin Mayer, Bear Creek Studios. For more information write: The Balkan Noyz Boyz 402 S. Henry Ave. San Jose CA 95117 C 1991 BNB. Mastered to Dolby 'B' Standards.


Artist: Balkan Noyz Boyz
Title: Boys Will Be Boyz
Genre: Jazz
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 3/23/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479548505