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  • By Beautiful Nubia
  • Release 12/11/2007
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Kilòkilò brings together the diverse elements upon which Beautiful Nubia's music has been built throughout his decade of recording, fusing the didactic with the spiritually elevating and the gently grounding. As usual, BN comes with a message of hope and love. Of renewal and growth. Of a place where we can have peace if we learn to share of ourselves so that others may smile. There seems to be a lot of smiling going on here too. And the good feeling reaches out and surrounds you as you get drawn in by the smooth horns, the deep soothing lead voice, the sweet-like-honey (as a typical Yoruba would say) back up vocals, and the flighty, punchy, ethereal music. There are songs here decrying bad leadership in Africa and lamenting the quality of life of the common African but they are well balanced by feel-good songs celebrating the beauty of a continent rich in culture and awash in immense potential. Through it all, there is an infectious high-spiritedness and warmth, as if the whole band was possessed by the resident spirits of the 50-plus year-old analogue studio where the album was recorded. In this album, Beautiful Nubia's ability to fuse ancient tradition and rhythms with contemporary sounds reaches a distinctly new level of achievement. In summary, you will love the music! Born in Ibadan-Nigeria, Segun Akinlolu (Beautiful Nubia) picked up interest in music and literature very early. Before taking up music as a full-time career, he practised veterinary medicine for eight years in Lagos-Nigeria and recorded his first studio album in 1997. Performed in both English and Yoruba, his songs are loaded with universal social and political messages, complemented by soulful vocals and dexterous performances by his Roots Renaissance Band. Now sharing his time between two far-flung homes, BN continues to spread his message of love and universal brotherhood across continents. But as he loves to say 'Everywhere is home to the beloved poet.'


Artist: Beautiful Nubia
Title: Kilakila
Genre: International
Release Date: 12/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 823173514125
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