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Somewhere between mainstream post-grunge and melancholy nerd-rock falls Behind the Couch, a recently formed rock band in Dallas, TX. Drawing on 90's influences, the band has laid out it's first full-length recording, 'hurricane', a collection of poignant story-driven lyrics and guitar-intensive modern rock tracks. 'Pride' is a story of regret over letting another down, and is indicative of the level of personal depth the band goes to lyrically: 'answer if you will / how i let you slip / that punch to your nose / but you rose / and so it hurts me now...'. Although much of the album is expressions of negative emotions and feelings, there are several bright spots amidst the storms, as when this song reached it's declarative chorus: 'but i'll drown to lift you up / i'll drown to lift you up...' 'What If' is a straight-forward challenge, asking the question: 'What if this could be the last time you and I could touch / Would it mean that much to you? / Or would you still sit there in silence?' 'The song 'hurricane' was written a long time ago. I remember thinking about someone else as the lyrics rushed forth in that coffee house. No one specific, just someone having trouble with life's challenges. I wanted this to be an expression for that person of those feelings of waking up one day and realizing that life wasn't exactly what was expected. What I realized later as I got out into the world and subsequently plunged into the depths of anxiety and depression, is that this song was written for me.' - David Most of the other songs on the record were written after 'hurricane', but they all fit into this theme in some way. 'The Tracks' is more on the calm, resolved side of this realization: 'and i, i can't stop the train / so i lay down on the tracks..'. Some people have thought that this is a song about suicide, but it's not that literal. It's about giving in to the things in this life that can't be controlled, which actually leads to a sense of peace - you might say that it's about the suicide of one's crippling resistance. Behind the Couch is currently booking and playing in the Dallas metro area in support of the record, and is looking for management/booking/promotion help as well as label support.


Artist: Behind the Couch
Title: Hurricane
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/12/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 733792594128


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