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To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern

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Now this is the place to exaggerate, to tell you about the 3 best players in the world who finally gathered to form the best band in the world in order to bless their audience with the best songs ever written, ever played ... but wtf... We live our lives, the same as you do. But every now and then something happens, that forces it\'s way into our minds and ends up in a song. Life is the best inspiration ever, in every respect. And same as life never follows any rules, we play the way it feels right - to us. Fact is, we love what we do. And we do love the fact that we\'re not bound to any restrictions or styles. What sounds good to us, is totally ok, even if it\'s not appropriate, outdated, total cliché or whatever one\'s impression might be. We do as good as we can and try our best to make it better... well, next time maybe. There\'s no sense in trying to sound like somebody else, hoping you convince as a copy. You\'re only real, if you believe in what you do. Sure, only because WE do believe in our songs, doesn\'t imply you do too. But it\'s the only way that stands a chance and IF you do like our songs you made our day. Joern says \'There are days when I totally want to sound like the Foo Fighters, but next morning I wake up with old Judas Priest in my head, switching to Ben Harper at noon, some Green Day in the afternoon, Muse for dinner and Pantera at night. I want to sound like them all, I love them all, but fact is we\'ll never sound like any of them. We\'re just absorbing little bits and pieces, building references and even though we\'ll never re-invent the wheel it surprisingly turns into something of our own. Or in a shorter way: you could say, 3 parameters form our songs: the desire to tell a story, an overflow of influences and finally some lack of technical abilities. Play as good as you can, if this is the best you can give.... \' We\'re living in fast times. After 10 seconds people decide, whether you\'re worth it or not. It probably has taken you twice as long to read all this and therefore you must be a very special person. They may bend you, but they\'ll never break you - YOU ROCK!


Artist: Bent Not Broken
Title: To Whom It May Concern
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479855382