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Take Care of Mama

Take Care of Mama

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The Benton Brother's are a soulful group of artists that have managed to develop a unique sound over the last decade. Through their music they express their vision, passion and sense of overcoming personal tragedies and adversity. Through all of the tears and sorrow the Benton Brother's music continues to shine with optimism and hope. Their lyrical and melodic sound smoothly incorporates a wide variety of musical influences that reflect their deep religious roots. At an early age, the founding members of the Benton Brother's were exposed to the legendary Brook Benton, notable for such hits as Rainy Night in Georgia and It's Just a Matter of Time. Brook Benton's music instilled a sense of identity, a love of music and a grasp of southern culture in these talented young men. The Benton Brother's are a group of friends, who have over two decades shared in praise, love, laughter and sorrow. Robert Clark, who is the groups first tenor and occasional lead, brings a silky smooth flow to the groups harmony. His tenors smoothness is captured on track #3, I Need a Touch From You. It is on this track that his lead vocal and sweet tenor executes with maximum efficiency. Gene Richardson, the groups second tenor and rhythm guitar player, brings a unique sound that comes to life on track #6, I Love Jesus. Instrumentally, Gregory 'Ducky' Watkins takes the lead in the group as a bass player who magically produces the bass rhythm of the Benton Brother's sound. Watkins teams up with other instrumentalists in the group such as Steven Brown, a master drummer who has played for such notable R&B groups such as, Front & Center and Precision. Together, this duo navigates the ebb and flow of the spiritually based sound of the Benton Brother's. The instrumental and vocal joined together blend creatively at the hands of Kevin Benton, who is the groups lead guitar player, vocalist and musical director that is primarily responsible for the overall Benton Brother's sound. He is an extremely talented young man that plays the keyboards, guitar and horn parts. His genius is captured on songs like He Changed Me, which is track #10, track #9 I Got a Feeling and track #4 Take Care of Momma, which he performs along side his biological brothers Joe and Forrest Benton. Lawrence "Joe" Benton, the groups baritone and lead vocalist is a creative song writer and story teller. He writes about his struggles, hurts, disappointments and most importantly his love for the lord. As well as the redemption that he has gained by accepting the lord into his life. He manages to capture many of the hard fought struggles as revealed on track #1 See Your Face, track #4, Take Care of Momma and track #5 You Need a Friend. Forrest Benton, a solid songwriter and performer contributes to this group as a second tenor and lead vocalist. His savory tenor sound is unleashed on track # 8 Come to Take Your Children Home. Last but not least, there is Mikey Benton (Kevin Benton's son), a 10yr old drummer who did a marvelous job laying down outstanding drum beats in the recording studio to contribute to the production of the groups latest CD. The Benton Brother's have opened on three separate occasions for the legendary Clarence Fountain and the Blind Boys, as well as a number of other legendary gospel groups. You may have heard and or seen these brother's perform at a variety of gospel concerts and churches along the east coast. If you haven't been lucky enough to hear the sounds of these soulful brothers we urge you to pick up their latest CD Take Care of Momma. The rich gospel flavors of the Benton Brother's are guaranteed to touch you in the deepest region of your soul.


Artist: The Benton Brothers
Title: Take Care of Mama
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 5/2/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479291050