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Miracle Girl

Miracle Girl

(Duplicated CD)
  • By Beth Wimmer
  • Release 7/17/2008
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Beth Wimmer traverses a panoramic, emotional palette with her gut-straight songs of humanness, hope and humor - and personal and spiritual redemption. Her music vibrates within the unique family of Americana - embracing Alt-Country, Rock, and Folk music. Wimmer has New England-USA childhood roots, growing up with her poet mother and folk-singing grandfather, but became a Southern California transplant at 18. Honing her songwriting in L.A, Wimmer recorded 3 CDs and an LP there, and performed live all over California, then nationwide. Now Beth Wimmer blooms in Europe - making music in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. Plans for a full European musical tour are imminent. Beth's records and U.S. performances are graced with favorite LA & internationally renowned musicians. Producing Wimmer's records and on drums & percussion is David Raven. Raven shares tracks and stages with Mike Ness, Nancy Sinatra, Jim Lauderdale, Norah Jones, and Mojo Monkeys. Bass lines by Taras Prodaniuk (Lucinda Williams, Dwight Yoakum, Mojo Monkeys, Michelle Shocked). The tasty-soundscapey Billy Watts (Eric Burdon, Bonnie Raitt, Dixie Chicks) is a mood-enhancing drug on all things guitar. Keyboards courtesy of Danny McGough (Tom Waits, Social Distortion). Wimmer's style is edgy yet welcoming--progressive Folk on the express line to Americana~Rock. Her songs are free spirited yet direct, delivered with soul and her precisely savory vocals. 'Beth Wimmer navigates a course of her own brand of blue-eyed soul, country-tinged folk, and completely unique musical odes of human setbacks overwhelmed by soulful transformation.' - Thomas Reilly, Primerica Music Review Beth says, 'I'm incensed by intolerance and moved by simple beauty in life. Inspirations in my life and art are many... my travels and meeting vastly different people, other countries' stories.. total, unabashed Love, blissful states of mind and body, complete distress... SO MANY musicians, art, families, languages, communicating.. yoga, the weather, water, trees, mountains, ALL chocolate, animal instinct..and especially the one i Love. To name a few things...' 'MIRACLE GIRL', Beth Wimmer's New Release: 'I've long been an admirer of Beth's smoky alto which is front and center on the wonderful 'Miracle Girl'. It's her songwriting though, that shines through. The tongue in cheek 'Lover from Last Summer' and 'Self Righteous Son of a Bitch' are my two favorites. I love it when a writer says things in a way that they've never been said before.' - Peter Barker, Threshold Sound + Music 'Beth's done it again! What an eclectic range and style she has. I crooned along to 'Miracle Girl', tapped my fingers on the steering wheel to 'Ten-Four', thought about our boys in Iraq when listening to 'I Couldn't Do It' and laughed my ass off to 'Self Righteous Son of a Bitch'. Poignant lyrics and memorable melodies. The production quality is superb. It's another winner from Wimmer!' - Julian Moss, Honor Films 'LIVE WITHIN LIVE WITHOUT', Beth Wimmer's Debut Release: 'Beth Wimmer has a visually attractive product that's as warm and earthy as her music. Most striking is this performer's hearty, folk-informed voice, complemented by violin and B3 organ. Wimmer sings effectively about self-realization ('Move On') and even gets psychedelic on the album's title track, 'Live Within Live Without'. - Music Connection Magazine 'Wimmer unleashes painterly-like observations packaged amidst some of the catchiest hooks this side of Elvis Costello.' - Thomas Reilly, Primerica Music Review 'Live Within Live Without' is a wonderful collection of twelve tracks that showcases Wimmer's edgy and progressive sound. Her luxuriant voice mesmerizes the listener, wanting more... This tapestry of human emotions is beautifully woven and quite captivating. Beth shows her expertise in telling her story with a sensitivity and humanness that she delivers with confidence. She has definitely found a connection with her gorgeous vocals and sweeping melodies.' - Audrey Elliot, Musical Discoveries.


Artist: Beth Wimmer
Title: Miracle Girl
Genre: Folk
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 7/17/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 859700712801