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Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead

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This is the one that started it all. With songs like 'She Like That Chicken,' 'Get On The Whiskey,' and 'Vibrator,' Better Off Dead's self titled debut on Garageland Records serves up 15 heaping helpings of smoky, greasy, extra rare, home-cooked treats that go equally well with red or white labeled beer. The band cites numerous influences and inspiration ranging from multiple gin and tonics to inadequate sexual performance (though these may be somehow related). The album sounds like a late night road trip where you stop for gas, cigs, and coffee at a Quickie Mart only to discover that you've stumbled into a wild eviction party being held by the proprietors.' It costs about 65 dollars to make,' explains Don Kenny. 'It's not that we really wanted to record it this way purposely; I just think that, compared to a lot bands out there, we had less money, so we recorded it in the bedroom.' Better Off Dead's first CD is full of stories about fast food, marital aids, thievery, and, well, Lesbians. 'One of our fans is this girl whose boyfriend dumped her for some guy,' says VD, 'I adapted her story to my situation and out came Lesbian Blues.' Better Off Dead spotlights such songs as 'Kleptomaniac,' 'Liquor in the Front,' and 'She like that Chicken.' Also featured, a reworked rendition of the Nick Lowe ditty 'What Did I Do Last Night,' the obscure 'Leave Married Women Alone,' and a barrelhouse version of Dr. Ross' 'Boogie Disease,' whose refrain pretty much captures the spirit of Better Off Dead: 'I'm gonna boogie boogie boogie,'til they put me in the hearse.'


Artist: Better Off Dead
Title: Better Off Dead
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 6/24/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 617664071828


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