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Sculptures in Smoke

Sculptures in Smoke

  • By BFA
  • Release 12/6/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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PLEASE NOTE : Due to other performers with BFA as their name, the band went back to their original name : BLUE FANTASY ANGELS On various download sites,their album 'Sculptures in smoke' is listed as having eight songs. There are seven. 1-Rock and Roll Mach 5-From the Heart 2-Problem Child 6-Philly Kidds 3-Believe in Yourself 7-Memory of the Future 4-I Rule the World Sculptures in Smoke 2 1-Silver Strings 6-Dream Bazaar 2-Alright by Me 7-T'il I'm There 3-Soul Serpent 8-Maple Leaf Muse 4-I Found Out 9-Child of the Angels 5-Storm 10-Dream Again The original 9 songs of the Sculptures in Smoke concept; are now re-released on one album: 'Sculptures in Smoke' Complete. **** Not only one of the best rock bands, but one of the most mysterious as well in the absence of much information on the members, The Blue Fantasy Angels music speaks for itself. Though seldom seen outside the studio these days, has been continuing to hone their craft with strong influences from the likes of Arthur Lee, Black Sabbath, Tony Iommi, Mountain, Road, Kiss, Frank Zappa, Captain Beyond,Ozzy, The Who and AC/DC. Hendrix-like licks from lead guitarist, E.L. Nelson, contour the over-all feel of this loud and driving, sometimes melodic band. The soulful and expressive vocals of veteran Angels singer, Sir Thomas Guy (Tozz), temper and balance the power of Danny Melamed's hard, flashy yet smartly executed percussion. All three have been collaborating off-and-on over the years as the heart and soul of the Angels. With the uplifting, thought provoking lyrics of Judy (J. C.) Nelson, the historical foundation of the Angels, have been laid on must have albums to, 'hang your ear to'..... PLAY LOUD. Despite the popularity of downloading snippets off albums, this is one of the few that is essential to own in it's entirety. Buy it now to complete any serious rock collection. Look for the Sculptures in Smoke release, under the Blue Fantasy Angele's name. Also look for; The Inner War of Children, Early Years, and Greatest Hits Albums.


Artist: BFA
Title: Sculptures in Smoke
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/6/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101104913


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