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Drive Another Nail

Drive Another Nail

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Product Notes

Dear loud music fan, Big Coffin Hunters are here to rock your socks, face, ass, or any other body part that needs rocking. Big Coffin Hunters have worked very hard to NOT re-invent heavy metal / rock n' roll / whatever you want to call us. That's not to say that BCH doesn't have their own sound, but it's more of a twist or a signature on the last 30 years of heavy music that they love. They know what they like to listen to and what makes good rock n' roll, whether it's a 1970's Cheap Trick album, or the latest Trivium release. Their music is angry, dark, sarcastic, funny, and it's all the things you've come to expect from a band that grew up in the 80's, came of age in the 90's, and is now plowing through the disgruntled 2000's. BCH have played rock venues from NY, NY (CBGB's) to Oakfield, ME ('Moosestock 2005'). A live BCH show is display of working-class metal-heads who take their performances and their audiences seriously. They are loud. They are engaging. They are there to entertain, inspire, and otherwise rock your faces for your utmost pleasure. You'll be playing their CD in your car on the way to work the next Monday. You'll tell a friend about BCH, and ultimately, you'll be a fan for life! National & Local bands BCH has shared the stage with: Tantric - Beatallica - Gary Hoey Band - Twisted Roots - Hour Past - Civil Disturbance - Ogre - Covered In Bees - Pigboat - The Humanoids - Wild Zero - Eldemur Krimm Go head and blow up your cheap car stereo on these releases from BCH Music, LLC: -'Platinum Hinges for Pine Boxes' (2006) -'Drive Another Nail' (2008) Be sure to check out for performances and candids by BCH, keywords: 'big coffin hunters.'


Artist: Big Coffin Hunters
Title: Drive Another Nail
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 12/2/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 801495197820