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Heartaches & Honky-Tonks

Heartaches & Honky-Tonks

  • By Bill Hearne
  • Release 5/1/2007
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Bill Hearne's Roadhouse Revue is : Bill Hearne on guitar and vocals Cathy Faber on upright Bass and vocals Bob Goldstein on guitars and mandos Auge Hays pedal steel Country legend Bill Hearne has been performing for 36 years from Nashville to LA keeping boots scootin' everywhere inbetween with his wife as 'Bill & Bonnie', both Texans, blind from birth. Originally signed to Warner Western, Bill & Bonnie are Folk legends at events like Texas's Kerrville Folk Festival. Bonnie's health keeps her from touring but Bill is busy. Bill's retro country trio and his honky-tonk quartet have been steadily blazing up the southwest circuit becoming mainstays in Texas, New Mexico and Southern Colorado. Now on Frogville records in Santa Fe, they had a great time recording this retro country album at the analog studio with Bill Palmer at the helm engineering and co-producing this country classic! Heartaches & Honkytonks is a retro country classic! **Bonnie sings a rare duet with Bill 'Somewhere Between' track 6 a beautiful heartbreaker originally penned by Bonnie Owens & Merle Haggard. 'Heartaches & Honky-tonks... Bill Hearne's years as a country and folk musician have served him well. He is above all a storyteller... a hearty slice of Southwestern soul.' - Gabe gomez SFReporter From the Bill & Bonnie website: 'Bill and Bonnie Hearne are Southwestern club legends who have influenced artists ranging from Lyle Lovett to Jerry Jeff Walker, Nanci Griffith and Tish Hinojosa.' -- Billboard, March 15, 1997 (Chet Flippo) 'This husband and wife team play such happy music that it instantly endears them to their audiences. Still, more memorable than watching Bonnie pound that honky-tonk piano and Bill and strum the guitar is hearing the two sing. Oh the sweet harmony....' -- The Dallas Morning News '...Rollicking thumping country soul.' -- The Taos News 'Bill and Bonnie just naturally generate excitement.' -- Denton Record Chronicle Nanci Griffith: Writes in her liner notes to the 1993 Grammy-winning album Other Voices, Other Rooms: 'This album is also dedicated to Bill and Bonnie Hearne, who play the best darn folk music I ever heard.' 'As a young girl in Central Texas, Bill and Bonnie Hearne were the truest form of musical heroes -- Bill as one of the greatest flatpickers ever and Bonnie as a style of vocal and an interpreter of songs of great integrity. 'To think that I would grow up and have the honor of playing music and singing harmony with them as well as having my songs in their repertoire, is one of the greatest joys in this life in music.' Lyle Lovett:'I first heard about Bill & Bonnie Hearne when I was at school at Texas A&M University. I worked with the student committee that brought in acoustic music, and I used to book the basement coffeehouse where the concerts were held. 'I got a tape from the people who represented Bill & Bonnie Hearne, and I listened to it, and was just knocked out by their music. After hearing that tape, I looked for them wherever I could find them. When I would go home to Houston, I'd look in the papers and if they were playing, I'd always go to see them. They used to play a place called Corkys in the Montrose area of Houston, and the stage was positioned in the room so you could sit right up next to the stage and I used to sit right in front of Bill and try to figure out all of his guitar licks. 'Just listening to Bill & Bonnie that close was a wonderful experience. The whole story of how Bill & Bonnie met at the institute of the blind is such a romantic story. 'The first time I actually met Bill and Bonnie was several years after I'd first heard their music. It was at the Kerrville Folk Festival. I was standing in the concession stand line and was going to get something to eat and I noticed that Bill and Bonnie had gotten in line behind me. It sort of made me nervous. I thought 'Oh My God, there's Bill & Bonnie Hearne.' After a couple of minutes of standing there I wanted to say something; I wanted to introduce myself to them but I didn't quite have the nerve to - I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and Bill said 'Pardon me, young fella, you mind readin' the menu for us?' 'So I was really proud.' 'Thanks Bill & Bonnie....' Tish Hinojosa: 'My husband, Craig Barker (now an entertainment lawyer) and I, are both graduates of 'Bill and Bonnie Hearne's School of Performance and Endurance.' Craig was their bass player and I a wide-eyed novice watching their every move in 1979. 'We can all claim to have some tough times. Bill and Bonnie have always given hard roads and honkytonks a face of dignity and grace. 'I applaud Warner Western for giving them, and the public, a well-deserved breath of fresh air. Thank you.' Jerry Jeff Walker:'Bill and Bonnie are a great credit to all hardworking musicians. Their love of a good song, and the straight-ahead way they play it makes me, as a songwriter, feel really good. If I want to hear a song done the right way, I look to a Bill and Bonnie arrangement. I'm proud to have called them my friends for over 20 years.''Bill and Bonnie have always been two of my favorite artists because they use such great material. In fact, on my 55th birthday down in Belize, I celebrated by having a big fish dinner, some Chilean white wine, a good Cuban cigar, and listening to Bill and Bonnie's Navajo Rug album. That was a perfect evening. Now I'm ready to hear some new Bill and Bonnie stuff. I know it'll be great.' Michael Martin Murphey:'Bill and Bonnie Hearne have been on the cutting edge of South Western music since I first met them in the late 60's. They are not only talented but keep their ears to the ground for what's around the corner for good material and musical trends. Above all, they are gracious people capable of entertaining almost any kind of audience. If you want to know what's happening in South Western music, go and see Bill and Bonnie Hearne.'


Artist: Bill Hearne
Title: Heartaches & Honky-Tonks
Genre: Country
Release Date: 5/1/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 881387000308