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You Are My Hero

You Are My Hero

  • By B.J. Douglass
  • Release 3/24/2009
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

BJ Douglass' musical and spiritual journey continues to evolve into an international phenomenon. She is an anointed singer who puts her heart and soul in her music. She will definitely bring tears to your eyes and chills to your body when you listen to her latest hit, "You Are My Hero". In 2009, her musical career reached yet another level with the release of her ultra popular CD, 'You Are My Hero" which includes "In the morning" and her rendition of "How I Got Over" and "The Lord's Prayer." BJ is a writer, composer, motivational speaker, talented a cappella vocalist and an ordained minister, who co-stars with Husband Frederick Douglass, IV, in "The Lives & Times of Frederick & Anna Murray Douglass." Knowing BJ allows the world to discover and know the lead vocalist for the popular, dynamic 1960's group, Les Chansonettes. Les Chansonettes is still one of the most popular 1960's groups in Europe and Asia today, their Northern Soul recordings of "Deeper" and "Don't Let Him Hurt You" remains among the most popular "Oldies but Goodies" tunes in dance clubs and on the charts. BJ's latest CD "You Are My Hero" is dedicated to the heroes in her life namely her mother (Pearl Cooper); her teachers; those who were brave enough to cross the Edmond Pettus Bridge in 1965; and one of her greatest heroes, Oprah Winfrey. The CD features several original tunes written and composed by BJ including "You Are My Hero," "In the Morning" (including Old Time Religion Remix)' "Freedom Song," and "Act like you know it." This anointed CD is sought after by music lovers throughout the country. BJ started performing when her mother formed a singing group with her sisters (Ramocille and Heysette), in early childhood called the Cooper Sisters. While singing with The Cooper Sisters, BJ delivered powerful solos that captured hearts at a tender age of seven, and led her family to victory during a Lloyd Price Talent Show at the famed Royal Theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland. While in her early teens, her "Dream Girl "experience began when BJ, Norma, Barbara and Heysette formed a singing group called Les Chansonettes to participate in their high school talent show. After winning prizes in this and many other talent competitions, Norma, BJ, Heysette, and Angela recorded a national hit entitled "Don't Let Him Hurt You" and "Deeper" with Shrine Recording Company in Washington, DC. She later recorded "I Almost Left You" with Fran and Marilyn from Washington, D.C . on the Mon'Ca Records label after the Shrine Recording Company closed. BJ was definitely before her time. There were not any schools for talented Blacks seeking to pursue careers in music when she was a child. She was a child star who shocked many people with the power in her voice. She stopped singing and decided not to accept the rigors of the road and get a traditional education, but her heart has always remained filled with song. Throughout her high school and college years, BJ rarely refused the requests of friends and family to sing. It did not matter to her if it was ten or ten thousand people, she was ready, willing and able to sing, sing and sing. During her wedding ceremony, she sang a rendition of Gladys Knight's "You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me" and brought everyone to their feet and tears to the eyes of the entire wedding party. When jazz trumpeter and Scholar Wynton Marsalis, heard B J follow his every note with her acrobatic voice, he was inspired to sign his CD to "BJ - God's Songbird! Yes you are!" This was a major turning point for BJ who has always been very modest about her voice. Despite the fact that she has sung throughout the nation, in church choirs, concert halls and stadiums, but mostly as an A Cappella soloist, she was taken aback when Wynton Marsalis (who she greatly admires) encouraged her to fully utilize her God-given talent. She pressed on toward the mark of the high calling of God and began to mesmerize audiences throughout the nation. BJ was inspired at a young age by: Mahalia Jackson; Clara Ward; The Roberta Martin Singers; Albertina Walker; and Pastor Shirley Caesar. Her voice has touched the hearts of so many people; soon she began receiving requests to sing at the inaugurations of highly placed elected officials and other events. BJ's voice is so crisp, that countless people request that she sing without music. A critic once said "accompaniment may interfere with the bell-like tones of her vocal chords." Millions have been blessed by her anointed voice and benevolent spirit. BJ sings internationally and is featured in high level events. Kate Herman of Chester County's "The Inquire" reported that "...many people covered their hearts and some gasped from time to time" when BJ performed at West Chester University. This is the type of response she receives throughout America. BJ says "I just want to use my God-given gift to spread joy and harmony to all mankind. People make me happy; I'm obliged to make them happy too." Singing has also allowed her to further explore the inter-relationship between the healing powers of the human voice combined with focus on that of the herbs, minerals and spices that she has studied for many years. Her desire for health, healing, happiness and hope inspires BJ to inspire others.


Artist: B.J. Douglass
Title: You Are My Hero
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 3/24/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501111867