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Inna Backyard Style

Inna Backyard Style

  • By Blinded Camels
  • Release 2/11/2003
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The Blinded Camels came together in 1982. All the members attended school together at Gonzaga High in Washington D.C. The drummer Matt Jones, aka 'Matty Dread,' and Bass player John Winslow, aka 'Sezwan,' were heavily into reggae, always catching WHFS' Dr. Dread show on Sat. night (Dread later became head of RAS records) and found middle ground with singer Graham 'G-Money' Hunt and guitarist Andy 'Shoestring Hollywood' Prosky listening to and covering bands like the Talking Heads, KIng Crimson (maybe not covering), Eno, etc. The band actually played one of their first gigs at CBGB's in NYC and then local venues like D.C. Space, The Safari Club, and Chief Ike's. The band added horn player Tim 'T-Bone' Kenelly and keyboardist Mike 'Zam' Zampogna. T-Bone and Matty were interested in multi-media and incorporated films and light displays into the shows. Matty who still mixes the Camels output, is a Kung Fu addict, and incorporates the genre into some of their dubwise efforts. The current band no longer gigs, because members are spread out from New York to Richmond VA., but still gets together frequently to record (and party). The present lineup includes New York guitarist Andy Townsend (also with the band 'Lazy Ajax).' Andy T met G-Money while studying music at the New School for Social Social Research in NYC where both played in a band called 'Chess Andrew.' The Camel's basic premise is to improvise, be original, have fun, and embrace the divergent styles and influences of the members, instead of trying to pigeonhole or waterdown the sound. The results can be really dynamic, rough and rugged. While the guitar players are influenced by old school masters like the Beatles and James Brown, G-money loves Cab Calloway, and Chuck Brown. The Camels are never without the reggae flavor, thanks to rhythm section Matty and Sezwan - dem strictly roots.


Artist: Blinded Camels
Title: Inna Backyard Style
Genre: International
Release Date: 2/11/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707341828