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Second-hand instruments and raw talent is the only formula for Bath's Bloody Tourist's. This is real Pistols/Stooges/Fall like punk rock from the council estates. Their incredible debut album is called ' Kink'. On a cold night, shrouded in a veil of dense fog, a back-water bar houses three wandering souls with nothing better to do than start a band. As a young man with a hapless grin points a camera at his beautiful companion his bag knocks over a cherished pint of Ale newly acquired by an irritable local. The air turns blue and the band finds it's name. Bloody Tourists came into being on the eve of 2005. Inspired by their love for The Fall, The Pixies and dirty Blues, Lee Elkins ( roomful's of scattered lyrics), James Cradock (a cheap second-hand guitar) and Dave Lawson (fag in hand) started composing. Within a few months the local live music scene had welcomed them with creaky, antiquated open arms. BLOODY TOURISTS INTERVIEW 1. What made you decide to form the Bloody Tourists, tell us a bit about your history to date and who does what ? The whole concept of Bloody Tourists arose after watching the feeble attempts at pop music emanating from various other bands trapped with turgid, naval gazing lyrics over tired chord structures. Reckoning we could do better we bought some cheap instruments at a local car boot sale and as soon as we figured out which end of the guitar was which and how to put the drum kit together we booked a gig at the finest venue in the South West, The Wunderbar (Midsomer Norton). Since this momentous debut gig Bloody Tourists have gone from strength to strength winning a recording session in Brixham, thanks to a battle-of-the-bands in Covent Garden, and have got to the No.1 slot at Extraplay's worldwide chart with 'Gram and a half'. 2. Who or what are your influences ? Lee: P.J Harvey, The Fall, Pixies, Lou Reed, Pulp, Kinks, Joy Division James: White Stripes, Raconteurs, Pixies, Kinks, Rolling Stones Dave: Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Smiths (I also own 'the best of ZZTop' and proud of it! 3. What modern artists do you like ? Lee: The Artic Monkeys, fresh sound, great 'f*** you' attitude. James: Raconteurs, great guitar sound Dave: David Hockney, or most new impressionists 4. Why The Bloody Tourists have you got a problem with tourists ? We needed a name that would be both memorable and already widely quoted without being cliched or blatantly plagiaristic. Coming from Bath 'Bloody Tourists' seemed fitting as most folk mutter these words on a daily basis as they squeeze through the camera weilding masses. It started as local satire. 5. What inspires you to write your music/lyrics ? Lee: A life of failure and debauchery James: Passion and frustration Dave: Drums go bang. 6. Name your all time fave track by another band/artist ? Lee: Hyper Ballad by Bjork James: Watching the Wheels by John Lennon Dave: How soon is now by The Smiths 7. What sort of sound can we expect from your forthcoming album ? Raw, Energetic, Shameless Rock n Roll 8. What are your ambitions for your music. Where do you see yourself in 5 years ? Multiple great albums under our belts and just working on a crap one after realising we're so 'big' people will pay to just hear us fart on record. 9. How would you describe your music and what genre do you think it fits into ? Proper Garage, Art Punk, Dirty Rock n Roll.... Listen and let us know. Failing that wait till it's in HMV and hunt it down (it'll more than likely be under Rock). 10. Where is your forthcoming album being recorded and who is producing ? The majority of the album was recorded at a mate's house. Drums were recorded in the sitting room, guitar in the kitchen and Bass / Vocals squeezed into the hallway. The album is unique in that most of the songs took only one take, due to limited time, and it cost us 3 pints of Stella to record. Mr Richard Green did an amazing job helping us to produce such an unadulterated sound. The remainder of the album was recorded in Brixham as part of a won prize weekend at Iguana Studios. The Tourists' live set has been described as 'outstandingly shameless and abrasive' as well as 'resembling that of the lovechild of The Libertines and The White Stripes'.


Artist: Bloody Tourists
Title: Kink
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 5/29/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479531149