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Blue Rain : Quench

Blue Rain : Quench

  • By Blue Rain
  • Release 3/10/2009
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Blue Rain was formed in 1998 when Todd Wickens and Nathan Bosch met and realized that they had two very important things in common - basketball and the love of music. It was, however, Todd's mere credit-card vertical and Nathan's lead feet that prevented either of them from pursuing basketball to any great lengths, leaving music as their only option. An option that neither of them minded at all. The first thing that you would have noticed about them when they started is that there individual styles were very different. Todd's was very R & B, where Nathan's was more of an infusion of jazz and pop, which made for a very interesting and distinctive sound. They translated this new sound into songs and in early 2001 recorded there debut CD, "Quench". Following the release of "Quench" in the fall of 2003, they toured through Western Canada and all over British Columbia's Lower Mainland and Okanagan. The dream would have to wait, though, as both Todd and Nathan had to get the hang of being dads. Family life had come, and it was all good. Up until now, Blue Rain was a duo. That officially changed in early 2004 as Jared Falk (drums) and Ken Toews (bass) were added to the mix. The addition of the bass and drums took Blue Rain's sound to another level. Then came more kids. More family life. Still all good. Which brings us to today. The passion for great songs and energetic music with a positive message and huge groove is present more than ever before, and Blue Rain is ready to introduce their sound to the world. Their mission statement is this: Blue Rain is in pursuit of fulfilling their purpose in the Kingdom of God by being a Reflection of Christ, letting God work in and through them to minister to others at all times using their talents, gifts, and abilities to build relationships, entertain and encourage others through quality music. Listen to the music - you'll see what I mean.


Artist: Blue Rain
Title: Blue Rain : Quench
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 3/10/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 776098117622