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  • By Blue Sage
  • Release 4/23/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Steve Davis has been compared to Bryan Adams, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan and so many other artists it's like he's all of them rolled into one. Growing up in Minnesota. He had a lot of time to write and create his own kind of style. Since Steve likes being alone, he never really got to know many musicians growing up. He just kept writing songs and filing them away. When he started playing around the Twin Cities, people started to notice him and with that encouragement he recorded his first CD, 'as we're turning.' Even though it was chosen one of the top songs sent into billboard magazine in 1995. It never was released. At that studio, Steve became good friends with a great guitar player named Jimi Behringer. Jimi liking Steve's material invited him to record at his studio. There Steve met Gordy Johnson, a bass player and the drummer from the Steve Miller band. Becoming really good friends, Steve formed the band Blue Sage. Recording their first CD in 1997, 'lifeforce,' but never releasing it. Holding on to the first CD, Blue Sage, became a session band and pro ceded to record over a 100 songs in the next 5 years. He is getting ready to release not one but 2 CD's, 'lifeforce' and 'what makes the world go round,' this being the first CD 'lifeforce.' I'll have Steve tell you about each song since Steve's writing has been compared to Bob Dylan and other great writers. Everybody usually interprets a song differently when they hear it because of there own life's experiences. A lot of times when I'm playing out, i like to tell what inspired me to write it and i feel really grateful that people are able to relate to my songs so I'll start with the # 1 song and just go down the list. The first song, 'California,' was written when I was just north of San Francisco. Everybody I had met in California wasn't from California so that influenced the song and since it was just at the end of the earthquakes, that also had a lot to do with it, plus that a lot of people would like to visit California. The second song, 'real love,' is about a love that people usually hold back. #3 is 'into the night' about us as human beings, having done some things that we knew were wrong and how we have corrupted the world. The #4. song is n memory of nick, 'heart of soul,' which is about my uncle committing suicide, and how everybody knew why he did it. The one other thing you will notice about a lot of songs i write is the spiritual overtones since I truly believe we're spiritual beings instead of flesh and bones, all stemming back from a dream that i had and my own life's experiences and my interest in yoga. The 5th song, 'i wanna go home,' is about being away from your home and stuck somewhere, maybe on the road. And can't really get free and just wishing you could be home and away and just take it easy. The sixth song is 'all of your love' which is really about each of us. No matter what people might say, nobody knows why, we as human beings do certain things that some one else might not agree with. When you're in your life it's like a ride once your on it you can't get off till it's over, and no matter what happens you've got to witness it. One night, the 7th song is a great song on how the world can have certain things happen to you and all of a sudden your caught up in the whole mess and then it seems you have a hard time just making it day to day, but you always seem to be able to carry on. #8 is the title track. This song is great; I wrote it watching the waves roll back and forth on a lake in northern Minnesota and, in fact, if you close your eyes and just listen to the melody it feels like a wave flowing in and out. The song leads you to a deeper meaning and understanding of what you might feel about life. #9, 'one light,' is about realizing you're oneness with everything and going beyond all the diversity we see in the world and know there's only one light. #10, 'for everyone,' is that no matter what, love will come to everyone, someplace sometime. #11, 'like a river,' is a song that shows how life is like a river and you just have to go with the flow; you can't get off till it ends. #12, 'vermilion,' is a song sung about Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota, with spiritual overtones. #13, 'i wanna rock,' is about certain people around the world that believe that if you kept dancing without stopping and kept thinking of God, you could have a vision. If you really listen to each song, a lot of them you'll see a constant search inside the lyrics that pushes me to a spiritual side, which to me is our real self. We are also releasing another CD, 'what makes the world go round.' Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Artist: Blue Sage
Title: Lifeforce
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/23/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 789577021723