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Finger Style Guitar

Finger Style Guitar

  • By Bob Heckler
  • Release 1/25/2005
  • Music Genre Blues
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Bob Heckler grew up in Kansas. Music was a major interest since early childhood. At the age of four, he picked up melodies on the radio and played them on the piano. He learned to play the piano, clarinet and did not start playing the guitar until age 26. Once starting on the guitar however, it became the instrument of choice. He played songs right away, shying away from the drudgery of the usual routine practice which was adequately experienced in previous music training. He began finding his own way of relating to music and enjoyed making up songs and recomposing those of favorite musicians, especially the Beatles. A friend told Bob about Leo Kottke. Bob was mesmerized by Leo's full guitar sound, which was like an orchestra coming from one person. Since then, Bob has also been influenced by other great musicians, several of which travel around and do clinics for Taylor Guitar; Pat Kirtley, Doyle Dykes, Chris Proctor, Stephen King, Dan Crary, and more. Bob has enjoyed several wonderful guitar players who have made a hit with the Winfield Walnut Valley Music Festival crowd; Tommy Emmanuel, Bob Evans and Mary Flower. Chet Atkins and Mason Williams are also favorites. The enjoyment of such wonderful guitar players keeps Bob striving to find new ways of expressing the beauty of the sound of the guitar. This first album is dedicated to his three daughters, Tori, Ariel and Erin. These wonderful and unique, now grown women have inspired these unique songs, three of which are named for them. Bob could not do an album without including something from the Beatles. In this first album, he chose, 'I Will,' one of many beautiful songs that the Beatles wrote. He also added another favorite traditional song, 'St Louie Blues.' In this Finger Style album, people have said that somehow, this music relates to whatever it is that you are feeling. Bob would enjoy hearing from you and in particular, your musical experiences and your responses to the new album.


Artist: Bob Heckler
Title: Finger Style Guitar
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 1/25/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479085833