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Ordinary Man

Ordinary Man

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Born the son of a hardworking farming family in Plainview, Texas, Bobby Cargill has been influenced his entire life by the music he loves. Bobby picked up his older brother..s guitar at the age of 5 and began to pluck it and sing around the house. Realizing his natural abilities, his folks bought Bobby his own guitar when he was 7 and he never put it down. His parents loved country music and played it at home all the time. The whole family attended concerts in the area to experience live the magic of legends like The Wilburn Brothers, Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard and Charlie Pride. Bobby would be influenced by those artists and their music for years to come. The family moved to Weatherford, Texas when Bobby was 10 where he attended Millsap and Weatherford schools. He continued to play and sing for local functions and family gatherings. While in high school, Bobby could be seen playing for banquets, rodeo dances or just sitting on a tailgate down on South Main picking and singing with a group of his classmates. When he was 14, Bobby decided to attempt writing his own song. It was then that he discovered a new outlet for his creative energy. While writing music and lyrics, he also continued to perform. By the time he was a young man he had become quite an accomplished guitar player. He could pick up just about any current top 40 song just by listening to it. He continued to perform in various venues in the Fort Worth Stockyards, Dallas and surrounding areas. In 2000, after quite a few years of performing live, he decided to slow things down a bit to seriously focus on writing. By 2005, he had written the tunes and lyrics to more than enough songs to begin his first release CD project ..Ordinary Man... This may be the title of his CD, but this first effort is anything but ordinary. Bobby has his own distinct sound and a knack for creating something new and original with that very traditional sound. Bobby continues to write and perform because it..s what he loves. In his own words, 'It's who I's my passion' Review of Bobby G. Cargill CD "Ordinary Man" O.J. Sikes Rope Burns Magazine Bobby G. Cargill wrote all of the songs on his new Texas honky- tonk/classic country CD, "Ordinary Man". A listen to this music and you'll agree that this singer-songwriter is no ordinary man. He recruited some of the finest musicians from Texas and Nashville, and produced a CD of contemporary "classic" Texas country music that is sure to get lots of airplay. You can hear clips on Bobby's website, And you can place your orders for copies there as well.


Artist: Bobby G. Cargill
Title: Ordinary Man
Genre: Country
Release Date: 2/6/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 733792626720