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One of the TOP 5 Records of 2008 - BIG WHEEL MAGAZINE '...beat pounding and harmonizing from track to track.' 'Bobot Adrenaline play Radio Tikrit and they must have taken inspiration from Rock and Roll Radio by the Ramones and updated it to todays insane world scene. Kind of a funny beat and a screaming talker lead singer who is telling it like it is. Ok, it did remind us of Holiday in Cambodia a little bit too. Very old skool punk.' - Sugar Buzz Magazine A band at the threshold; Bobot Adrenaline is next. They have always been inevitable...a symptom of your environment, a product of this pre-fabricated social order. This complex punk trio is the 11th hour filibuster, the legitimate rebel yell that breaths in the air around you then blasts it back in your face with a torrent of amps, strings and discourse that will burn your lungs clean. And in that moment, before your ears burst, you will cry out that you have been awakened to something new, something honest, and something that is moving fast toward the horizon. Three figures carved from the City of Angels stake out their no spin zone each night releasing a hurricane of faith, anger and madness before a steadfast group of fans. Called punk, pop, reggae, gypsy, even ska, the power trio dodges traditional labels and acknowledges only that their music is the truth. Launching into their set each night, the trio abandoned conventional set lists in 2006 opting instead for the free form calvacade - never knowing where it will take them. The band members themselves never know what song is coming next until it starts. Marching on their own orders, Bobot Adrenaline brings their debut e.p. this year, UNFURLED, a six song work that revels in rebellion, disgust, and betrayal at it's most patriotic. Produced by Tommy Stinson (The Replacements, Guns N Roses, Soul Asylum) and front man Pepper Berry, as well as additional tracks produced by Joey Santiago (The Pixies) look for Bobot Adrenaline to storm across the American landscape without mercy, bringing the wasteland to it's knees, and erecting in it's place: ideals, hope, and some incredibly loud rock n roll. BOBOT ADRENALINE is Pepper Berry (vocals, guitars), Corey Mac (bass), Bryan Panzeri (drums). Listen for Bobot Adrenaline's anti-death penalty anthem Penalty Box on Tony Hawks new game AMERICAN WASTELAND out now on Xbox and Playstation.


Artist: Bobot Adrenaline
Title: Unfurled
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261250090