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Bonny Brave Boys

Bonny Brave Boys

  • By Border Lord
  • Release 9/9/2003
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Named after the legendary noblemen whose castles dotted the wild Scottish borders in the 1500's, Border Lord brings sensitivity and passion to original and traditional Celtic/folk ballads and instrumental airs, from Rick's 'Bonny Brave Boys', Andy Stewart's 'Take Her in Your Arms' to Carolan's 'Bridget Cruise'. Featuring singer/songwriter harper Rick Stanley and master cellist Robin Pfoutz -- Border Lord, with it's concentration on melody and feeling, brings new interpretation to the traditional as well as contributing some of the best original music on the scene. Border Lord is unique in the Celtic/folk world by combining lively harp counter-melodies around soaring folk cello and moving vocals. Recording with Columbia Records as 'The Gentle Soul', Rick has worked with some of the most talented musicians in the business: Ry Cooder, Kenny Edwards, the Beach Boys, Glenn Campbell, AL Kooper, Jackson Browne, Steven Stills and many others. He has entertained audiences all over the world, moving them from tears to laughter in the space of a song with his rich 'Cat Stevens' voice, rhythmic harping and charming humor. '...Rick's voice has aged like fine wine-rich, deep, and subtle, with a power of emotional expression that comes from an intimate place of natural innocence beyond ego and showmanship...' (Ian MacGregor, The Source, November 2001). Rick has worked with some of the most talented musicians in the business: Ry Cooder, Kenny Edwards, the Beach Boys, Glen Campbell, Al Kooper, Jackson Browne, Steven Stills and many others. '...Rick reminds us that the ancient traditional Bards were men. Here we get a great idea of what the old world may have sounded like, compared to today's field of predominately female harper-bards...He provides a powerful and authentic glimpse of Scottish and Irish imagery in his choice of traditional music that is...picked out from less well-traveled repertoire...(Eric Cathcart, The Kilt & Harp, Winter 2002). Cellist Robin Pfoutz began his twenty years of classical training with the faculty of St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges, earning top honors for his solo performances in competitions throughout Minnesota. In the 1970's, Robin co-founded the acoustic rock band, Big Lost Rainbow, launching three national tours. Variety of New York rated Pfoutz 'an instrumental standout,' and The Oracle of Orleans, MA, noted that his cello 'see-sawed like a violin at a hoe-down, purred a deep bass, or pranced pizzicato' as it swirled into a 'quiet folk, a jivey jazz or a strident rock sound.' More recent work has included solo compositions in an eclectic mix of jazz, Celtic, folk, classical and blues. He has performed with Paul Horn, Livingston Taylor, and Pete Seeger among others. Natasha Winters compared Robin's improvisations to the playing of Leonard Rose, saying that Robin 'has restored my faith in the cello.' Watch for Border Lord's newest CD, Bonny Brave Boys, which features the group's most inspired and subtle artistry, captured live by Chulrua's producer and audiophile Tim Britton, who also joins in on flute and whistle. Chulrua's guitarist/vocalist Pat Egan is also featured on the CD.


Artist: Border Lord
Title: Bonny Brave Boys
Genre: International
Release Date: 9/9/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479049422