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Sunset Symphony

Sunset Symphony

(Duplicated CD)
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My name is Bozidar Darko Baumgarten. I was born 08.01.1944. In Zagreb Croatia. When I was two my parents move to a coastal city of Rijeka. There at a very young age of 5 my parents got me private piano lessons. A year latter I enrolled in grammar school and at the same time in music school "Ivan Matetic Ronjgov" in Rijeka. In 1962, I graduated High School and a year later music school for piano. Same year I enrolled in College. At that time, pop music was all around me so I got me a keyboard and started to play with various bands from Rijeka. First, with the band FELIKS. With this group, I visited the Island of Losinj, town of Veli Losinj. There we played in hotel PUNTA. I loved the atmosphere of an Island so in 1962 moved to the town of Mali Losinj. There I joined renowned group OTOCANI (Islanders) of Mali Losinj. Years before, Mali Losinj's musician Ned Benvin formed this group. In 1972, the band booked a one-month play on a cruise ship. In 1972, Mr. Benvin immigrated to USA and I took over the band. In meantime, I used to cruise the country with many recording musicians. After OTOCANI until 1988, I played with the band FERALI (Lanterns). Since then I mostly play alone or in duo with a friend. In 1994, I completely quit stage playing and devoted my self to my old love, Classic music. From 1998 to 2000. I managed to compose many instrumental pieces for witch I also wrote symphonic arrangement. The soul of the music reflects the warmth of Losinj's sun and light breeze and rolling waves of Island's summers. This CD contains many of those songs. I arranged and played all music, on my keyboard, and recorded in local studio. I thank my friend Ned Benvin who parked my short bio and few of my pictures on his website.


Artist: Bozidar Baumgarten
Title: Sunset Symphony
Genre: Classical Artists
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 2/25/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502014501


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