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  • By Bragh Adair
  • Release 9/7/2004
  • Music Genre New Age
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Best New Artist of 2005 Bill Leslie (NAR Lifestyle Awards) headlines this album! The refreshing music of Bill and Bragh Adair will transport you to a lush landscape in Scotland or Ireland. The trio's fascinating sound has been described as tranquil yet exciting...haunting yet full of grace, peace and joy! While Celtic at the core, Bragh Adair also embraces elements of jazz, folk and impressionistic chamber music. This remarkable fusion results in a sound that will both surprise and delight. As one fan wrote: 'Your music lifts the spirit and cuddles the soul.' In concert, Bragh Adair is a brilliant blend of polished musicianship and playful interaction. Another fan wrote: 'I'm still floating from that inspiring evening with Bragh Adair. What a spectacular thing has been born!' Concert goers say they love to hear the stories behind the original songs and enjoy the humor of this tightly-knit group. Still, it is the music that has made Bragh Adair one of those most exciting names on the concert scene. A Bragh Adair enthusiast put it best: 'Your musical chemistry is absolutely amazing! Each instrument.... intertwined to create a brilliant, rich and sweet sound.' "The Hunt" is Mary Johnson's marvelous and multi-dimensional piece capturing the pastoral setting of a Celtic landscape followed by a rollicking ride in search of the wily fox. Listen to the percussion by Stephen Levitin and you will hear the fox jumping over stonewalls and eluding the chase. This concert favorite shares the title of Deb Stall's wonderful watercolor cover for this CD. "Gatekeeper" was inspired by a mysterious dream Kerry had about a golden gatekeeper. The gatekeeper encouraged Kerry to skip on through an arch with a light heart. There is an upbeat and peaceful quality to this melody. "Celtic Soul" was written and sung by Bill after a train trip to Scotland in search of his family roots. Bill says he had the strangest feeling when he crossed over from England into Scotland. Bill felt like he was finally home as "spirits of my ancient kin rose up to greet me on the wind." "Hymn for Healing" is dedicated to the thousands of families affected by the terrorist attacks in September. Bill's song was performed by Bragh Adair in Cary at an interfaith service following the attack on America. Music is medicine for a hurting heart and we hope this melody brings healing. "The Jasper Wall" is a beautiful, joyous yet haunting melody composed by Kerry Johnson. The title was inspired by a biblical scripture on a towering wall around the new Jerusalem. This musical odyssey includes sojourns of wonder, sorrow and exuberance. "Laughing Lass" is a whimsical melody born after Bill's dream of a lovely lass whose laughter echoed through a Celtic glen. Special thanks to Kerry and Mary for having fun with this piece. "Possibilities" was one of Kerry's first compositions. The melody emerged after an extended illness and two surgeries. As Kerry recovered, his creativity started to stir. Music provided many possibilities and the passion to overcome obstacles. "As a Child" is Mary's song of transition and transformation. The melody transports you from a valley of sadness to a mountain of hope. Mary has found that if you humble yourself as a child, fresh opportunities break through dispelling gloom and sorrow. "The Open Door" is a song about Bill's mother Charlotte. Bill was involved in a serious car accident at age four and was rushed to the local hospital in Morganton. While waiting to see her son Charlotte went next door to Grace Episcopal Church to pray. When she returned to the hospital, Bill had regained consciousness. Charlotte said: "I was awfully grateful for that open door at Grace Church." "Cindy" is a tribute to Bill's beautiful wife. The song begins with guitar, an instrument used to woo Cindy on their first date a "few" years ago. Bill thanks Cindy for being a wonderful wife, dedicated parent, devoted educator and supporter of his music. "Eclipse" is Mary's reminder that darkness always gives forth to light. Whether we look at spiritual growth, intellectual ability, physical bravery or any of the many positive qualities we possess, we are continually moving from the darkness of ignorance into the light of understanding.


Artist: Bragh Adair
Title: Hunt
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 9/7/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 788037012523