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Past the Breakers

Past the Breakers

  • By Brian Travis
  • Release 3/29/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The following review of 'Past The Breakers' was given by a Santa Cruz entertainment weekly called the Good Times: Brian Travis Band Past the Breakers Taste This Moment Records Recorded here in Santa Cruz with Andy Zenczak as engineer, Past the Breakers is the newest offering from Santa-Cruz-escapee-turned-L.A.-success-story Brian Travis. Travis and band strip their friendly, folky style of rock down to the bare wood, flaunting catchy melodies, tight playing and backing vocals that make the choruses pop up like islands on a relief map. Guitarist Jason Gonzales' leads are showy, but not cheesy, and in spite of some nasal moments, Travis delivers his messages-many of which resonate deeply in the psyche-with conviction and clarity. A few key lines: 'Even when it's bad, it's good to be alive'; 'I'll see you in the afterglow where rock and roll lives forever'; 'Nothing goes as you expect/No matter which road you select/You gotta buy yourself a toaster if you want a guarantee.' Even the painfully wholesome 'Crush On Molly'-a tale of one singer's infatuation with another-proves captivating. At the song's conclusion, the object of Travis' desire shoots him down, eliciting the deathless line, 'I guess that's why they call it a crush.' 'Here in LA' is a perfect choice of closing track, beautifully capturing the dusky, somber mood of sundown in the City of Angels. Lap steel marinated in melancholy-not to mention a catchy verse-colors the narrative. 'It's impossible to see exactly what this town is gonna take from me,' Travis sings. One thing L.A. has apparently done to Travis is turn him into a top-notch storyteller; the songs on Past the Breakers keep a kung fu grip on the listener's attention while summing up basic truths in an effortlessly entertaining way. Catch the Brian Travis Band Friday, March 4th at the Aptos Club, where this CD will be available for purchase. | Damon Orion Here is what people who have purchased the CD are saying about 'Past The Breakers': 'The CD is awsome, I don't know how many times I've listened to it...' -Courtnie Tuffy, Ventura County 'The main thing that strikes me about 'Past The Breakers' is that there is an underlying joy in it. Even when the subject matter of a song is difficult or sad, there is a joy in the music. The musicians are all very talented, the writing is great and it is put together really well. Cool messages, stuff to think about, reminding us to live, even when we may think it is too hard. All that and great rock music to tap ones feet or shake ones groove thing to. Very nice! I really like the CD. Thanks guys!!' -Lisa Severson, Minneapolis 'I had the pleasure of buying the new Brian Travis Band album when I was in L.A. & I am really impressed. It is so great. I highly recommend it. The band is so tight & Brian's lyrics are really emotional, especially the heartbreaking 'Temporary'. This is definitely one album that will be on my current rotation.' - Lily, New York 'I love it! I had an interview in Pittsburgh last week so I was in the car for 8 hours and I listened to it at least 4 times! The Production sounds awesome - I thought the demo was great but this one was 10 times better! Everything sounds so tight and the harmonies are great! - Natalie, Pittsburgh, PA 'One of the songs on the Brian Travis Band's new CD, Past the Breakers, is called 'Perfect Day'. Well, take some excellent songwriting, thoughtful lyrics, and talented musicians and you end up with one perfect CD. And that is a rareity nowadays, as most fans of true blue rock and roll bands can attest. The songs flow perfectly through a varied musical landscale of emotional highs and lows, meaning that your 'forward' button on your CD player will get a break. From the resilience of the CD opener, 'Defeated', (that makes you want to sing along and jump around) to the dreamy and lovely, 'Here In LA' (which SCREAMS to be placed in prominence in a movie or TV show on LA) the CD is like a perfect road trip along a scenic highway. If you need something that helps you take a deep breath reminding you to enjoy life instead of letting the meanies get you down, then this is a must have! - Kristen E. Wenzel, Fort Hood, Texas 'I love every song on Past the Breakers. Each one is so different. Catchy, original lyrics that tell stories about love and life. Uplifting rock and roll music that gets your heart pumping and your body dancing. Melodies that you want to keep singing over and over. The Brian Travis Band is poetry in motion!' Kathy Gilmore, Encinitas, CA.


Artist: Brian Travis
Title: Past the Breakers
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 3/29/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 824767155922