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Brief History of the Life of David Harlow a Foundl

Brief History of the Life of David Harlow a Foundl

  • By David Harlow
  • Release 11/16/2004
  • Music Genre Alternative Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The Brief History of The LIFE OF DAVID HARLOW... 'Dum mobile vulgus dormit, nos egredimur ad concinendum.' Here are a few reviews and comments. Following them you can read a 'Bio' for David Harlow. __ 'Decent simple pop tunes from a guy who is from Nashville [uh, that's St. Louis, thank you!]. There seem to be a growing number of these kind of guys; they learned their trade in the bookstore and coffee house scene, doing open mics and working on their craft. The songs cross into Michael Penn singer songwriter stuff in his more acoustic moments, but when a full band backs him, the songs get a little more swirly and atmospheric in a BritPop vein. It's Harlow's voice that really catches you because of the range he has, especially at the top end, where he can hit a high note and not sound whiny. This is a guy who has a fresh voice, writes good love songs, and hopefully will make a mark on the music scene.' Steve Yaver - Shredding Paper __ 'Harlow is a very talented songwriter who is able to tell a vivid story with his lyrics... [his voice] gives a lived-in human feel to the material. The songs are pretty and as a lyricist Harlow can truly paint a picture with words... The best song on this album is 'Far Away', which is actually recorded in two versions, a rockish band version and an bonus acoustic take... Also standing out was the lovely ballad 'Katy's Gone Away.'' Jay S. Jacobs - __ 'Fans of smart, tensive singer-songwriter pop à la Josh Rouse and the long lamented Thomas Jefferson Kaye would do well to check out Harlow... his music is a bit noisier and more Brit-inspired than either of those allusions might suggest, but his originals, from 'Kindness in Carbondale' to 'Katy's Gone Away', are nearly as evocative.' Bill Friskics-Warren - Nashville Scene __ 'an aliveness, a quickness of mind and skill that, with it's rough edges, translates into an emotional commitment to songs that don't demand a band to catch an audience... melodically potent tunes, bridging pop and folk, and at least two pieces, 'Sunset Riverboat' and 'Kindness in Carbondale', that I consider modest classics of Midwest story-songs' Roy Kasten - St. Louis Riverfront Times __ 'Featuring the mixing prowess of Brad Jones, Harlow mini-CD starts off brazenly strong with a stretch of full developed songwriting mastery in the vein of poppy Tom Petty or Wilco playing Ken Sharp, if you can imagine that... The last half of the CD are a collection of lovely stripped down acoustic pieces that venture into 'Harvest'-era territory and do so most confidently. Very Highly Recommended.' NotLame Recordings __ 'Mixed by Brad Jones, this is top notch power pop. David has one of those frail pop voices that sounds like a cross between Mitch Easter of Let's Active and perhaps the lead vocalist of the Wannadies in his more gentle moments. Great sensitive pop for the thinking man. There are 7 songs on this EP and every one a winner. Go for it!!!' JAM Records __ And if you'd like to read a 'BIO'... David Harlow 'Absque Amoris studio, praeda Mortis occidam.' Not a lot is known about David Harlow - where he is from, where he is now and how his musical ideas came to be recorded are all up to conjecture and to that facet of the human mind with which every songwriter ought to be abundantly blessed: the imagination, and given that this inscrutable writer somehow becomes aware of suppositions made and adjusts his bearings accordingly, perhaps it's pointless to say anything at all! It reminds us of one of those paradoxes of science... and sometimes, trying to restrain oneself from typing while under the influence of caffeine is like trying to tell a songwriter not to write something that's already been written. Still, I can tell you how sightings of David Harlow have been made in a remote agricultural area that seems to have been forgotten by people of modern thought and considerations. It's not uncommon, once Spring has become more than just a longing for another chance at life, to spy the young fool running along the edge of a dark and overgrown forest, home to naiads and dryads and other lesser gods and animals, chasing some small, spry creature while in turn being pursued by another, the likes of which no one has seen before, or at least cares to remember. The first, the object of our hero's pursuit, usually appears to be a rabbit though it sometimes looks like a squirrel or a ferret, or even an elf or a young girl carrying a small satchel that swings wildly from her hands, the contents of which we can only ponder. But once again, regarding that which no one cares to remember... __.


Artist: David Harlow
Title: Brief History of the Life of David Harlow a Foundl
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release Date: 11/16/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 644167023528