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Tempestuous Thing Called Life

Tempestuous Thing Called Life

  • By Brigitte Pace
  • Release 9/7/2004
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

For Montreal artist Brigitte Pace, happiness, is the key to success. Staying focused and grounded are two elements that have definitely propelled her thus far. She maintains a positive outlook towards her life and her career, hence the birth of her new album TEMPESTUOUS THING CALLED LIFE. 'Life may be tempestuous at times but you have to learn to weather the storm'. This attitude is evident in the strength and courage that she relays in her day to day struggles as an independent pop/rock artist. This, being Pace's third album, solidifies her artistic ability which emphasizes her determination to be heard. She continues to co-write her songs with producer/partner Albe. Together they have formed their own production company ECAP and have produced two of their three albums. The hours spent on this particular project has definitely given them the opportunity to grow as writers and to create their signature sound. Brigitte began writing songs at the age of 15 and has always understood the necessity of it all. Her passion to sing and write her own material has plunged her into a new world, a new foresight. She embraces life with a new outlook and accepts the challenges that are thrown her way. There is no looking back. Pace's first appearance to us was when she released her debut album 'Weird Voices' in the fall of '97. At the age of 26 she received substantial radio & television airplay with her hit single 'Save Your Soul' across Canada. This led her to perform in and around Canada's provinces making several, television and radio appearances as well as a live performance at the Key Club (formerly known as the BILLBOARD club) in Los Angeles and singing the National Anthem at an L.A. King's game. Brigitte enjoyed the L.A. vibe so much that eventually she and Albe decided to take the plunge and move there for a while. So, in February 2000, they packed their bags and headed out west to Los Angeles. This was a tremendously liberating experience, different life, new perspective. Their journey began in Venice, California where most of their days & nights were spent in a small studio on Main street called NPNG (no pain no gain) which was owned by their friend and Grammy Award winner Danny Sembello. Determined to create, they dedicated themselves towards new songs/demos which later would be re-recorded on Pace's second album Anxiety In Progress. After an exhilarating six month stay in Los Angeles, rehearsing with her band and performing live for A & R reps reality set in, money and resources had exhausted them and it was sadly time to head back home. Anxiety In Progress was finally created in the early fall of 2001. Brigitte promoted this album by performing live with her band at many venues around the city selling over 1000 copies. The single Every Day Is A Good Day received some local airplay but not enough to take it to a higher plane. 'Tempestuous Thing Called Life' is the here and now and PACE is weathering the storm. For Brigitte Pace, life may be stormy at times but this too shall pass. She never knows what she's going to get. Yet, one thing is for sure. Her passion for music rings true. Brigitte knows that no matter what the future brings, the here and now is what counts and for her the here and now is her creation 'Tempestuous Thing Called Life'. 14 brand new songs. She is willing to share it with the masses, are they ready to receive it? Life will respond for it always does. all rights reserved ©2003.


Artist: Brigitte Pace
Title: Tempestuous Thing Called Life
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/7/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 620675164625