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Sand to Glass

Sand to Glass

  • By Brother Moon
  • Release 10/23/2007
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Some say Brother Moon is genreless. Whether it be the Latin stylings of 'Shadow of My Low', the Blues sound of 'Bumble Bee', the Johnny Cash influenced 'Whiskey', or the Motown beat of 'First Time in a While', Brother Moon knows no limits or boundaries when it comes to exploring musical genres; yet underlying this exploration are pure rock undertones that provide a consistently rhythmic sound throughout all of their work. Combining acoustic rhythm guitar and electric lead guitar, the music has the folk influence of the acoustic but the edgier rock sound of the electric lead solos. Fans have consistently stated that the deep lyrical content and stylings mixed with the soaring electric guitar tone of the lead solos are the consistency throughout this multi-genre exploration that makes the Brother Moon sound familiar and nostalgic to anyone that has heard them. Mixing the percussive style of acoustic rhythm guitar from Lead Singer/Songwriter Jim Outlaw with the soaring electric solos of Lead Guitarist Ryan Heenan, the guitars provide the back bone of the music and a familiar consistency to fans, despite delving in many forms of musical style. The improvisational style of lead guitarist Ryan Heenan is heavily influenced by Trey Anastasio of Phish and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. Whether a simple Blues lead, a structured rock riff, or complex Jazz solo, the tone and feel of Heenan's play always reflects a journey through his soul. The lyrical content and style of Jim Outlaw's writing can be deep and soul searching, uplifting, and sometimes humorous; but is always clever, well-articulated, and paints a clear picture in the listener's head while telling a simple story that strikes a chord with a vast demographic variety of fans. As the Guitars are the musical backbone of the Brother Moon body of work, the Bass Stylings of Brian James are the legs that make it move. Heavily influenced by Jazz, R&B and Classical Bass, James can bring any song to life with his driving, pulsing riffs. Taking standard rock bass to the next level, he dives deep into classic cadences and forms his own poetic variations while always maintaining a consistent beat that can make anyone tap their foot. 'He (James) has the ability to completely control the direction of a song and what the rest of us do when playing together-the unsung conductor, said Jim Outlaw'. The percussion for Brother Moon is handled by Patrick Moylan. With a style heavily influenced by personal feel and improvisation, Moylan knows no boundaries and doesn't want to. Similar to Heenan, Moylan is heavily influenced by the jam-band genre and prefers an improvisational live jam to the structure of a studio. Whether playing live or in the studio, however, his play is always tight and efficent. His knack for melody and ability to change tempo at the right moment allows the band to delve into multiple genres while remaining conistent to the sound it's fans have come to expect and enjoy. Brother Moon's debut album, 'Sand to Glass', will be released in September of 2007 and be available on


Artist: Brother Moon
Title: Sand to Glass
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/23/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101404334