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All the Way from Outer Space

All the Way from Outer Space

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Landing in an open field near Cleveland, Pod automatically cloaked and began collecting data. Sphere remained in deep space. Our Earth identities would surely keep us inconspicuous as we separated and blended into the population. After a time, we re-established contact and set about creating our very own blend of music using terrestrial instruments. Electric and acoustic guitar, bass and synthesizer formed our core sound. A little percussion was added here and there and of course some really cool singing. Since it's customary to name things on this planet, we named our band Buzz Forward and Space Boy and call our music 'Space Music'. We then used our imagination and added some really spacey sounds recorded during our travels to impart a cosmic flavor. As humble intergalactic music icons, we always dedicate ourselves to being different and creating new forms of musical entertainment wherever we visit. So after traveling more than 470 light years just to visit Earth, here we are - and there you are - so stand back - brace yourself - take a deep breath - because... All The Way From Outer's...Buzz Forward and Space Boy. THE EARLY YEARS In the beginning, we were searching. Searching for that unique combination of music and insanity. We finally called it Space Music. Band names that preceded Buzz Forward and Space Boy: N.B.S. Angel, Alfred and Crow 13th Hour The Vomit Pigs The Crew Balls Dreaming In Delta Our equipment, Then and Now.......What the %$#@ was that??? * still in service! Gibson E-B3 Bass Gibson Les Paul Fender Stratocaster* Fender Bass* Echoplex Phase Shifter* The Box (frequency generator with a ten turn potentiometer) Arp Odyssey* (used in Cruisin') Wah-Wah Pedals Other Pedals* Lowrey Organ* (used in Nomad) Roland D-50 Roland Drum Machine Roland XP-50* (most of our drums) Roland XP-30* (wow) Maracas Tambourine mic dragging on carpet various forced gastrointestinal sounds* staple gun versus screen door bugs and frogs over distant traffic at night* lightening*, thunder actually, real close by out in the street (used in Cruisin') a plane flew over garbage can Marty's cowbell Pam's organ golf balls in a bucket of water (in the giant story) and an occasional Tennis Shoe.


Artist: Buzz Forward & Space Boy
Title: All the Way from Outer Space
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/3/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057459127