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  • By Byron Massey
  • Release 12/5/2006
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Byron Massey was born in Savannah Georgia, June 9, 1957 to his parents, Earline Feelings and Earl Mack Massey, 'Senior'. Although he had 6 brothers and 1 sister, he was a quiet kid who stayed to himself. At age 12 he immediately became a fan of Pop Star Michael Jackson. By the age of 18 he was inspired by the Music Entertainment Industry and was determined in his desire to someday, become a Successful Songwriter. At the age of 19 he began to write his first song, and by September 1980 he left Savannah Georgia as part of his plan, and moved to New York City to pursue his goal in the music industry. By the spring of 1990 he was offered 2 contracts by 2 independent record labels for a 'club song 'called, 'Love is Sweeter When it's Real.' Because of the terms of the contracts, he refused to sign with any of the 2 labels. Because of the frustration he had experienced in the Music Industry for many years. Being broke, spending so much money on Copyright Registrations and sending dozens of demos to Record Companies. In 1995, he decided to take a job to help him with his music career and was hired by the New York City Transit Authority, as a Bus Operator. Eventually, he was no longer writing songs after coming home tired each day. It wasn't until the year 2004 when he began writing songs again to help his sons career. His son is a gifted singer whose interest is in R&B Hip Hop. Byron thought he didn't have the ability to write as well as he use to. Within a year, he wrote what he considers to be his best song. A Gospel Song called 'He Saved My Soul.' Byron Massey is an exceptional songwriter,producer who does not play any musical instruments and has never attended any college/ university for songwriting, reading or composing music. Yet, he has the ability to walk into any recording studio and tell the music producer what he wants, and have his songs recorded in half the time it takes other people's songs to be recorded that are being recorded from scratch. He wrote and produced R&B songs in the past. Today he writes and produces only Gospel Songs, and his record label is named after 'THE LAST BOOK OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.' 'REVELATION' aka Revelation Gospel Communications. Tel. #718 797-5046.


Artist: Byron Massey
Title: Testimony
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 12/5/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261200651