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Salsa Nova

Salsa Nova

  • By Cain
  • Release 6/7/2005
  • Music Genre Easy Listening
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Creative compositions... 'Salsa Nova' brilliantly blends the Latin jazz genres of Bossa Nova and Salsa. From the whimsical 'Moonshine Tequila' to the melencoly 'Mi Unico Sol' you're in for a treat. (In the former song you need to know that the mythical Mario is a real person, a bartender friend of Cain's. The supernatural power of the tequila is open to interpretation, and we can only speculate on the ensuing hangovers from their exploits.) Next, try 'Why Cry?' Agreed, good feed. Breezy lyrics, Brazilian Guitar licks, jazz piano, what more do you need? Songs sung in English and Spanish, that's what. Accesible Latin rhythms... So, you're sitting on a gorgeous playa (beach) on the Mexican Riviera, the olas (waves) are gently lapping the shore, and a song about a beautiful girl 'preciosita' keeps going through your head, in Spanish no less! It's not hard to imagine if you grew up in Southern California, like Cain. Where even the gringos speak un poquito. You'll have no problema withy the sexy 'morena mia' in 'Brown Skin Woman' either. 'Me and You,' interspersed with French and Spanish in a playful melange, takes you to Europe for an international tribute to relationships. It's where you want to go. Intuitive reflections... 'All' is the ultimate love song-so hot it literally sizzles. If you're a woman, you'll be comparing yourself to the lover in the song. If you're a man, you'd better learn it 'cause it's guarenteed to get you to that proverbial 'third base.' On a cuationary note, 'This Crazy Love' tells you what can happen beyond the sagety of the ballpark. You may not want to go there. (Too late, you poor dumb...) Noble intentions... Ready for a cosmic reality check? 'I Almost Felt Alive' is a philisophical ballad for all times. It's the only song in the world that uses the word 'embouchure' (a musical term referring to the mouth muscles used by horn players.) 'Life' is the only song that refers to human beings as 'bioplasmic holograms.' Take it as a compliment. It's the thinking man's way of unraveling the mystery. But you wouldn't expect anything less from 'Salsa Nova.' It takes you one step beyond.


Artist: Cain
Title: Salsa Nova
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 6/7/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 602977077322