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Goat Songs 2 the Flesh

Goat Songs 2 the Flesh

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Product Notes

Newly re-mastered 'Goat Songs II: The Flesh' is a fifteen song cycle that takes the listener on a journey through the conception, birth, and first few months of life for Cheza and Kahawa, two young Nubian bucks. Back from the first 'Goat Songs' are Maddy-Bonga and Delilah, the mother and 'aunt' and elder members of the small herd. Written by James Jordan, the new cycle is an extension on the original cycle, which portrayed one typical day for the milk goats. Jordan proudly maintians that, 'Taken together, you can learn everything you need to know about raising and keeping dairy goats from these two song cycles. I like to think of them as the Moby Dicks of the caprine world.' Listeners are forewarned that 'Goat Songs II: The Flesh' is rife with graphic language regarding goat procreation and sexual habits, as well as two songs which deal frankly and unabashedly with the subject of young male goat castration. It has been suggested that the deep affection with which Jordan writes of his goats indicates a, perhaps, untoward relationship between him and the herd. Jordan confronts these accusations directly in his song 'I Won't Cross That Line', wherein he compares his loving, but THOROUGHLY DECENT !! participation in this little goat herd with the utterly exploitative and perverse practices encountered in the ranching and farming industries, especially in the collection of bull and rooster semen, and in the general poor housing and treatment of farm animals. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to look for intelligent discussion of such issues in this song cycle, which is really 100% about goats. Performing 'Goat Songs II: The Flesh' is Caliche Con Carne. Caliche Con Carne is the premiere Country and Western band playing in the United States today, singlehandedly having saved this genre from the embarrasment of the Alan Jacksons and Reba Mac Entires of the recording industry. Largely unnoticed and unheard of, Caliche Con Carne is nonetheless fronted by the ghosts of Jimmy Rogers, Hank Williams, Tammy Wynette, and Jimmy Trotter. In this incarnation the four take possession of members Tim Mauseth (guitar, back ground vocals, and production), Eric Baldoni (bass guitar and artwork), Craig Hall (drums and scream), and Jordan (singing, songwriting, and 6-string acoustic guitar). Recently, Caliche Con Carne became the first living (if haunted) band to be inducted into the Post-Mortem Grand Ol' Operee C & W Halls of Flame, an event anounced by Roy Acuff, himself.


Artist: Caliche Con Carne
Title: Goat Songs 2 the Flesh
Genre: Country
Release Date: 8/15/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479368776